Is this a false oath?

I think I know the answer but struggle sometimes in grey areas of sin-a priest I talked to in confession says I have a “sensitive” conscience but not scrupulous.
Anyway, my husband did a mail in ballot to vote for the presidential election. He filled it all out, sealed the envelope, etc. and then realized he needed a witness (the witnesses signature goes on the outside on the envelope). So when I came home from work he said he needed me to sign that I was his witness. From the wording on it the witness signature seems to qualify as an oath and it says that by signing I certify that I saw the blank ballot, him fill it out in private, and that the ballot was sealed in the envelope. I didn’t see any of this but trust that he did it, so I signed. Obviously if this were just a normal form I get that that’s fine. But since sounds like it falls into oath territory was it wrong?
I feel like it’s a silly question but genuinely not sure.

It’s not an oath and you said you have no reason to distrust your husband. If it were some stranger on the street, I might say differently.

There have been some significant questions raised about whether this witness requirement is a reasonable law anyway given that a lot of people might not have a witness handy .

I don’t think you should worry about it.


I just looked at mine, as we recently filled ours out and I haven’t delivered them back to the clerk yet. In our state, we don’t require a witness, but we do require the voter to sign, the person who assisted them (if applicable), and anyone serving as Attorney-in-fact signs an additional space. These are all “affirmations” under penalty of perjury, and in our state, carry the same weight as an oath. However, the purpose is to ensure no tampering with someone else’s ballot. Therefore, unless you have reason to suspect that your husband is stuffing something in the envelope other than his own ballot that he marked, I think your signature as witness would be entirely reasonable and shouldn’t be of concern for your conscience.

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Thank you for your replies! That’s what I thought as well-that since it’s someone I trust it would probably be fine. I appreciate it :blush:

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