Is this a form of stealing?

I take the bus home from school every day. I’m a student, so I get it half-priced. It is written inside of the bus that a student ID is necessary to be eligible for a discount, but not very many bus drivers care very much. One day I forgot my student ID at home and I didn’t have enough money with me to pay full price; I could have borrowed from a friend (I have done so before), but I always feel stupid doing that since this particular bus driver has never once asked for an ID from any of us. So instead, I asked her if it was ok, she said it was fine, and I paid half price without an ID.

It would be stealing if you received the student fare and were not a student.

Since you actually are a student and the driver said it was okay, it’s okay.

Right! The driver said it was okay, so It was okay. :slight_smile:

You’re entitled to the discount. The ID is merely for proof. So you did nothing wrong.

Not guilty!

This was an easy one to figure out. :thumbsup:

Wer’e on a slippery slope to ANARCHY! :eek:

On a different note …

When I was in high school we were required to pay the fare at certain times of the year as printed on the back of the fare card. None of the other students paid the fare and neither did I. Were we stealing?

… Since the op started it …

What is that supposed to mean :confused:

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