Is This a Forum Glitch?


This morning I received the following message when attempting to “like” a post: “You’ve reached the maximum number of likes today. Please wait 418174.8655716085 hours before trying again.”

It was my first “like” today and I certainly don’t abuse the “like” option. How do I properly report this?


This is also happening to me!


Just got a similar message on my first attempt at “like” of the morning". Only it wants me to wait “418344.8509963487 hours” before trying again.

Looks like Discourse is ill. Fix it please!


Thank you,Tis
My case also this morning.


Another person experiencing the issue. Maybe we as a group have liked too many posts.


In the same boat here ,unable to give likes or private message…have to wait 487434. Something hours or so
Frustrating !


Me too! Same problem. I haven’t liked anything today and it says I have to wait.
Please fix.:sweat:


I wanted to like a post instead of replying, but I can’t! I have the same problem.

I hope the problem gets fixed because there is no way I’m going to make it another 47 years.


I can like again!!!


Same here! Yay!!!


Maybe it is to teach us the virtue of patience?

This is a Catholic site, ya know



Patience is a virtue.



The same thing happened to me, as well.

That comes out to 47 years, if you figure it out…:wink:


Solved ! Thank you!


Must be a likeable bunch


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