Is this a good article about the end times?


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Oki I know that we shouldn’t worry about the end times too much. In fact, I’m one of those people who doesn’t think about it much. I just try to live for God today, and I figure when these times will come (if in our lifetime! we don’t know…), He will take care of us. (I mean, He’ll give us the strength and courage we’ll need.)

But I was wondering, is this an accurate Catholic view of the end times and the antichrist?

never mind the website “the pope in red”… I heard it’s not very accurate about some things… but the article is actually from a book.

Would you say that it’s a good representation of what the Catholic Church teaches on this topic?

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Hello I read some of that article. Tomorrow when I am more awake I will finish the rest of it. I know one thing for sure, On the third day he rose again in fulfillment of the scriptures he is seated at the right hand of the Father he will come again in glory to judge the LIVING and the dead. So there will be living people when he comes, Hopefully I will be one of them. One of my protestant friends always said " I’d much rather fly than die" I kinda feel the same way. I don’t think that the Catholic teaching includes the rapture though. I believe that the rapture already has taken place when Ever Virgin Mary pure and Holy was taken up in Heaven. Scoob.


Well, I’m no expert by no means here, but I remain dubious as to whether or not this can be viewed as accurate. Some of the bells that go off in my head here are: 1. He puts a sort of definitive timeline of events and 2. With communism taking over the world for a time. When he gets specific reference to Communism I get the impression that he essentially means within a few generations. To my recollection this may violate the part of scripture that says “no man shall know neither the day nor the hour”. I can see an argument being made that the reference to Communism is vauge enough to qualify as a somewhat legitimate claim - though I think he’s reaching here. Which comes to my next point: he mentions Communism will take over the world. Um… Communism as we know it is in essence dead. Yes I know that China, Vietnam, and N. Korea are “communist” technically, but are in truth a far cry from true communist nations, and are slowly becoming more totalitarian nations with captialistic tendencies. Will they rise up and put the world under a red rule? It’s a possibility, but I (in my unprofessional opinion) think not. My initial impression is that the use of communism in this was spurred largely by the current world situation during the time that this was written (c. 1975). Everyone was pretty concerned about the USSR popping of a couple of nuclear tipped bottle rockets in our direction so it’s no wonder that this was written to reflect a fear common among Westerners (that being that the commies would win the cold war and rule the world).

To make a long and overly verbose story short: I’m skeptical - this looks a little like quasi-fundamentalist fear-mongering. But I definitely could be wrong on this :hmmm:

Oh as a last note, I, by chance, found an interesting bit in paragraph 59 that states that the Antichrist would kill the pope and take his throne… this clearly could never be the case. Christ’s promise in Matthew 16:18 to Peter would then be rendered null and void by this, and seeing as how Christ is the 2nd person of the Divine Trinity - I don’t see his promises failing. ever.


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