Is this a good group? Http://

A friend asked what I thought of the Knights of St. Mary. Does anyone know if they are in good standing with the Holy See?

There is no evidence that the site you linked to is associated with a “group”. It looks like it is the private website of one person. Who hasn’t done much with the site in the last seven years.

As for whether they are in good standing with the Holy See, probably not. The site author dances around the issue a bit, but in the end there is nothing to indicate that he is not a sedevacantist or schismatic. There is nothing that clearly indicates that he is in communion with Rome. The amount of effort he puts into evading that question rather indicates that he is not.

Bottom line: anyone can make a website and claim to be a “Catholic” “group”. It childishly easy. This seems to be just such a attempt. Aside from your friend, you and now me, and of course the site owner, I highly doubt that any other person has ever heard of this “group”.

Would you perhaps be the owner of the website?

Only Mary’s knights I know are Militia Immaculatae by st. Maximilian Kolbe.

OP your linked page says This decision was reached after much prayer and seeking God’s will. We felt the Blessed Mother herself was guiding us and showing us that the best and most practical approach to spiritual warfare was to revive and promote a serious practice of many of the old Catholic devotions and prayers.
To this end, we formed the Knights of St. Mary as a brotherhood of spiritual chivalry dedicated to Our Lady, whose members would include both men and women.
… Unfortunately I don’t see anywhere is it approved by local Bishop and when, so I really don’t know what would Holy See think of it since it seems just like some group with webpage.

Also I don’t find some normal things that are parts of for example Militia Immaculatae, they are transparent and have alot of infos, statute and their founder by name.
There also says that you can join them but when you click on it it says to send an email, they aren’t public and open obviously.
I noticed some Brother Michael KSM writes on that page. KSM I believe stands for Knights of Saint Mary, I don’t know any catholic order with KSM abbreviation, latin or other.
I wouldn’t give much credibility to that page.


Thank you for your advice. No, I am not the owner of it. My friend in in the RCIA and is seeking further spiritual enlightenment.

Thank you for your advice, especially Militia Immaculatae. I’ll pass this information to my friend. God bless you all!!

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