Is this a good reason to work on Sunday?

So I do a lot of sewing. I don’t make any money off of it now except the occasional friend wanting me to make them a small trinket, but I plan to someday. Right now I’m just doing it for fun + gaining exposure. However, I usually don’t sew on Sundays, except for small things and/or gifts ect, because everything big that I do now it’s one step towards possibly making this a real job.

So prom is coming up in just over a week and I’m sewing my own dress. I’m running really low on time and I’m actually super worried about making it look how I want it to look in time, since it’s kind of complex. Sewing can be mentally challenging, but it’s obviously not manual labor and I’m not going to make any money directly off of this dress (I’ll post photos online and everything, so someday, indirectly…maybe). I want to work on it on Sunday (do I need to? Well…I probably could finish it without working on Sunday, but it won’t look as good and I might have to shirk other responsibilities to do it). Having a full weekend day to work is going to help so, so much, you have no idea. School takes up so much time and energy, I barely ever get any work done on weekdays unless it’s a couple days before a serious deadline; I literally just had two separate serious deadlines, each a week apart and taking place in the middle of the week and I’m tired and tomorrow I have to go to confession, so it might as well be a school day given how much time and energy that takes up and I’m so concerned about not finishing in time and having to wear a gross dress to prom because I can guarantee you right now that there is NOTHING in stores that will fit my body, taste, and motherfreaking standard of modesty so if I don’t finish I might not even be able to go to prom, which will be fun to explain to the friends that I pressured into going with me.

I probably answered my own question, but, well, there you go. Should I work on it this Sunday? Obviously I’m still going to go to mass.

If you enjoy sewing, I would say work on it. We are not part of a denomination that forbids all activity on Sunday, just mostly manual labor. And often we have to work, because hospitals, fire departments, police, etc all have to work 24/7.
I’m not a theologian, but would say that if it’s a project dear to your heart, and you derive pleasure from it, it may be a way of relaxing. It’s not like you’re going into your day job to make extra money and skipping mass.
But if you’re going to confession, you could ask your priest.
Keep in mind, the Sabbath is made for man, not man for the Sabbath.

Your coming up on the end of the school year. That’s a lot of work and pressure.

Sew the dress on the Sunday…finish it up. Go to Prom and have a good time.

I’ve got finals coming up myself. I have no issues spending Sunday night studying away and getting as much work done as I can before I have to go to bed.

I have a little moral theology book which explains that if it looks like it will rain on Monday, the farmer can pick his hay on Sunday–so ISTM that you could work on your dress on Sunday since you are under a deadline :slight_smile: Sabbath was made for man…

Have fun at the prom!

I think that it is fine to work on your prom dress on Sunday. It is also fine to study, do schoolwork on Sunday. Assuming, of course, that you go to Mass and give that the proper reverence.

At this point, one would consider your sewing a hobby or leisure, not an occupation, and working on hobbies is perfectly permissible on Sundays. I like to sew also, and consider spending a Sunday afternoon sewing a relaxing time (even if sewing does get frustrating at times). Many people enjoy hobbies such as gardening, which is a lot of manual labor, on Sundays, but it is what they enjoy doing for a hobby, it relaxes them, and gives them pleasure.

Even necessary occupational labor, as you know, is permitted, such as firefighters, police, and medical workers do, as well as having to work to keep your job and feed yourself and your family.

See the CCC 2184-2188

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