Is this a good TLM missal?


Can any fellow Catholics tell me if this missal, is a good solid Tridentine Mass Missal? I couldn’t tell. I’m new to being a Traditionalist Catholic, ergo, I’m looking for a good TLM missal to buy, Besides, this is the one I found at my local Catholic Bookstore, sos, I will endeavor to purchase it, if I think it’s a good Missal to buy.

This is the 1958 Missal. If you’re going to be going to the extraordinary form of the Mass, you’ll want to get the '62 edition. Baronius press has a very nice missal.

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Is the Marian Missal Latin-English? I have a 1963 edition and mine is Latin-English only for the Ordinary of the Mass- all the propers are English only.

Yes it is, it’s the only one I had when I started going to the TLM until I bought the baronius one.

they’re both basically the same with some minor changes, like the removal of “perfidi” from the prayers on Good Friday. It’s useable if that’s all you have, but I’d just go with the baronius.

I can’t comment on the particular Missal you’re looking at. But I have a Saint Joseph Pocket Missal from 1961, and it seems to have the correct Tridentine Mass. At least it works when I take it each Sunday where the 1962 Tridentine Mass is celebrated. So maybe 1958 will work as well.


Marian Missals by and large were pretty good. They were generally not as complete as purists might like, but for an average congregation member they should do fine. The only issue would come with it being a pre 62 version. Those differences are slight however and should cause no real harm at all.

Just a hint, you can generally pick up good used Missals on E-Bay for around 10-15 dollars or so, even though with the liberalization of the Mass the prices are rising especially for those missals in good condition.

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I did examine it, I’ve determined that I’ll purchase it, when I get the money! I’m so exicited! I just need to get in touch with someone that knows how to get to Holy Wisdom Parish on Pittsburgh’s Northside, and I’m all set to go to my first Holy Tridentine Mass!:smiley:

All of the missals I was familiar with were Latin-English only for Ordinary of the mass. The propers were always English only. I have a 1950 St Joseph’s Daily missal that I used until the new mass came in. I never noticed most of the earlier changes I have a few minor notes in the margin for Holy Week], and I used it in the 60’s to guide my wife’s choir.

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This store has a 1962 missal for $35.

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