Is this a good way of thinking, or am I way off base?

I have recently found my way back to GOD and the church, and to make a long story short my life is doing a 180, I pray every day, attend mass every sunday, learned to pray the rosary, and am reading the bible every chance I get. this has all happened within 2 months time and I owe all this to GOD. I feel GOD is calling me to do more for him than just being a good catholic and praying, and I pray on this every day. one question and then a comment for everyone, and I would love to hear everyones comments. (question) if anyone knows of any prayers, and or exercises they could reccomend for spiritual direction I would love to hear them. (comment) Iv’e been experiencing some very ironic thoughts lately, and I’m just wondering if this is normal and a good way of thinking, and I feel very strong that this is coming from GOD. when I was young I used to think how could all of those people treat jesus so bad and then crucify him? now my way of thinking has changed to who’s to say that I wouldn’t have been one of the people spitting on him, and mocking him as he carried his cross to his eventual death? who am I to judge those people? haven’t my sins hurt him just as much? who’s to say if I was in the garden of eve that I wouldn’t have been tricked by the searpent? and what about the devil who’s to say that I wouldn’t have been blinded by my own light and went against GOD"S wishes? don’t get me wrong I don’t think Iv’e done as much damage as the devil, and I know that he has been a liar and a murderer from the beginning. I’m just saying who am I to judge anyone but myself? is anyone else going through this and is this a good way of thinking about things? I do believe GOD is showing me this for a reason. what do you think? GOD bless you all!!!

Considering that he died for our sins, yes I think that we are guilty for him being on the cross. He wouldn’t have needed to suffer if no one sinned ever. Its humbling to consider this but in a good way. Thinking like this brings me great joy along with regret for my sins. (If that made any sense)

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