Is this a grave sin? (theft)


I was in a shop yesterday and I accidentaly broke a 1$ picture frame and I didn’t pay for it. Is this a grave sin or I’m just being scrupulous?


This is a case of scrupulocity. Please see a priest.


Perhaps the sin was in the manufacturing of such a cheap picture frame. Made in ____?


If you didn’t tell anyone it sounds like it could be venial sin.

As for grave matter it depends I think on the value and the circumstances. It’s one thing to say take a pen from work and keep it and it’s another to say, rob a bank, forge a check, or embezzle money from your company.


Definitely not grave because it’s $1 (unless you broke it on purpose out of malice etc but this is not the case here). I don’t know if it’s a venial sin though


It fell out of my hands on the floor


No, it’s not a sin. You might want to let someone at the store know so they can clean it up / replace it / stop buying such a cheap frame from from the manufacturer, etc.


Unless that $1 is enough to make or break the shop and it’s owner, it’s not a grave matter.

Nobody ever went to Hell over stealing 5¢. Anyone who says “theft is always grave” is blind to nuance and makes the mistake of assuming God is a heartless legalist.


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