Is this a legit Saint Margaret Mary prayer?


Hello i am putting together some Catholic prayers for my website, but i have come across a leaflet type publication in my home for Saint Margaret Mary's prayer and i was wondering is it legit? Here is the link to the prayer, it starts at the heading of "Preparation:"

I would like to add this prayer to my website but i only came across it a few months ago, hence the reason of wondering if it is a legitimate Catholic prayer.


Given that a copyright notice of 1957 is asserted for this work, it is not appropriate for you to take it for your website without permission.


Thanks for your info. The work on the website url or the prayer in general? And if in general who do i ask for permission? Also the website url shown is not my website its an example of the prayer which i found on google.


This page says, "Copyright 1957 Missionaries of the Sacred Heart". So, contact this religious institute to see if they can grant you permission.

I don't know about this website. It is clearly a small apostolate, probably run by one person. As a rule of thumb, I stay away from websites with hand-spun web design and light-on-black text as they are low quality. This particular one seems to quote good people, while it has some mild polemics on it, it does not appear to be ultra-Traditionalist or Modernist or prone to conspiracy theories. It is small enough that it has not yet been reviewed by Catholic Culture.

If I were building a website, I would prefer to glean resources from reliable sources such as reputable, reviewed websites and books published by well-known publishing houses.


Thanks for your help and info. I have a leaflet that i am using at the moment, what i would like to know is this a legit Catholic prayer. The prayer is to help the souls in purgatory. See images attached:


In other words did Saint Marget Mary write this prayer in the way that Saint Faustina wrote the Divine Mercy Caplet?


If someone could let me know if this prayer is legit and approved by the Catholic Church i would be grateful, i visited the website that published this prayer in pray-card form ( see imaged attached above), it can be found here, the prayer is ENG108:


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