Is this a liturgical abuse?


I have been to two sepearate Masses before where the priest skipped the Homily, but I am unsure if this is right or wrong.

These were Daily Masses held in the morning at 7 am and 8.15 am. Given the shortened nature of said Masses (and the fact that they were held in the morning), can priests choose to skip a Homily or are they required to give one?

Also, would it be wrong for me to attend a Mass where the priest skips the Homily?

Pax Tecum.


Homilies are required on Sundays and Holy Days but not for daily Mass. It is certainly preferred but not required and not an abuse.


I live in a diocese in which the bishop requires his priests to provide a homily for every Mass. The priests do so in obedience to the bishop.
At the monastery in Conyers on the other hand, homilies are not a normal part of the daily Mass. Even when given, homilies are generally short.


Given the quality of a lot of homilies out there (not all! just some! :smiley: ), sometimes it may be an abuse to give one! :wink:


When I was in grade school (pre-Vatican II), there was never a homily for the daily Mass we attended every school day.

As an adult I’ve been to many early morning Masses that are 20 minutes long so working people can attend.


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