Is this a miracle?

I don’t know why i didn’t ask someone sooner but here it goes.

a year ago i had a dream. i was in a room unfamiliar to me. I saw before me a crowd of what I guess were demons, but in the center by “her” self was what looked like the backside of a person in a white veil. I don’t remember much of the veil. The demons were making alot of noise and were moving around her. I could not see their faces all I remember was that all of them were a mixture of black and bronze, and some of them looked like they had weird indescribable figures. I said outloud “Ah a jewel in a thornbush” (i know more Shakespeare then biblical) now this is the part i still kick myself over. instead of praying the hail marry and walking up to the veil person, i instead turned the other way and noticed the sound was gone. when i turned back the crowd an the veiled person was gone. there was rest of the dream but at that point i think my mind took over with the sensors.

later on I was at my parents house outside. i think i was smoking. i looked into the hall window and noticed the lights were off and i barely get a glimpse of someone walking past it. they were wearing a white veil with trimmings. they also had sandals on. all i saw ws the leg up halfway between the angle and the knee as the leg passed by. I came back inside immeadatly hoping to catch them and talk to them and the lights were back on.

later i was at the hospital for a suicide attempt (no not all of this has happened within twenty-four hours) It was night time and I was told that i wasn’t going back to the place i was living at at the time. that night I had a dream this time there was complete absence of light except of a white (noticing a theme yet?) light that looked like the outline of a person wearing a veil. I tried closing my eyes as tight as possible hoping to open them for Mary looking at me. Weird thing is that when I closed my eyes, it was like closing my eyes in real life as in the image disappered like if you were to close your eyes now.When i opened them the image of the most beautiful face of a woman I’ve ever seen was in the head part and she walked up to me hugged me and said “I will always be there for you.” Am I going nuts or was that an apparition in my dreams?

God knows.

lmto (laughing my “tush” off) I hope it’s the later. I haven’t had anything like that in nearly a year now.

hey there,
I definitely think its a sign from God. The Lord gives many signs like these to everybody (in your case through the blessed virgin),its whether they choose to believe them and act upon them that will determine their destiny. Many people do in fact regard these visions as "just a dream’’ and its foolish to…Id believe it 100% :slight_smile: Peace.

thank you. only one other person knows about this but i did attempt suicide again in the past few months. The reason why i didn’t is because of the “I will always be there for you” dream. I thought of that in the back of my mind at the time and said “Ok be here for me now” which i guess she talked to Jesus for intercesion because i randomly decided to check MSN for a last cry for help, and sure enough my friend who actually helps suicidal people and is extreamely loving towards others was there. I talked to her and she realized that i was sieriously thinking of it but that i was scared to (like who isn’t afraid of doing something they think will guarentee hellfire over). she said ok do it but if you were going to do it you wouldn’t have bothered having told me about it. THANK YOU MAMA MADONNA (mother Marry).

Raymond! You shall not kill, remember?

It’s not your choice, Raymond , God commandments are all good, great commandments!

Let’s be patient, all brothers sisters in Christ,

***“My dearest child, be patient and believe, be patient!”

" that if you remain kind, helpful, and patient at all times***, then no harm would come to you."

You will accept all things with petience? Because then the LORD will lead us to new earth and heaven. there will be a place full of love and mercy, and there is no death. only love, so just think how happy we will be.

i realized that at the time. My faith was weakened at the time as well. Glad I’m strong with Christ again.

That’s the way man! Only the courageous turn to christ!! Let that sign always be a reminder for you:)

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