Is this a mortal or venial sin?

I once asked a woman out and she replied that she would rather die than go out with me.

I know that my asking her out was a sin, because by doing so, I tempted her to commit suicide. But is this a venial or mortal sin?

Is this a serious question?

Let’s assume it is. In which case - no, you have this all wrong. The saying “I would rather die than…” is simply a saying. A fairly rude one at that. But it does not at all indicate suicidal thoughts or that you have tempted her towards suicide. She should have turned you down in a more polite manner.

There is (ordinarily) no sin in asking a woman out. The reaction you received indicates that either this is a rude woman who you should not have any interest in anyway, and/or that you made her very uncomfortable and need to watch how you approach and interact with women. Hopefully you can learn from this.

Are you serious?!?

She was being sarcastic.
You didn’t tempt her to commit suicide.
You didn’t sin. You just asked out a woman who wasn’t interested in dating you,
and she answered in a very sarcastic manner.

No sin at all, the woman was just rude. You can do better (trust me)

You committed no sin whatsoever. She was being rudely dramatic and wasn’t tempted to actually commit suicide. Even if she was, you still wouldn’t have committed a sin because you had no idea she would be tempted to suicide by your question.


Your intention was to ask her out…

No, there wasn’t any sin involved by asking her out, and I am so sorry that you were somehow led to believe that there was.

Like others have already said, her answer was rude and sarcastic. She should not have answered you in that way.

I do not believe this is a serious question. How could anyone ever construe such a sarcastic comment as meaning she would actually try to take her own life. That is ridiculous.

I am sorry that she said something like that do you.

Have you never heard of hyperboles, though? She didn’t mean actual suicide.

If this is a serious question of yours, then you need counseling from a priest. Not internet strangers.

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