Is this a mortal sin and if it is will my husband and I both suffer for it?


I posted this on the moral theology board but I’m wondering if I should have asked here instead. Since the post below we have hard from 4 different priests that his involvement at this place is wrong. He says he will cut back on how much he does but that he already made a commitment to do it and can’t just quit. Does this now make this a mortal sin since he knows its wrong? And will our whole family suffer because of this sin?

I am hoping that you can settle a dispute my husband and I are having. He thinks it is ok to volunteer for an organization called New Hampshire Center for non profits. This is an organization that provides guidance, support, training, information, insurance related help etc. to non profits in the state of New Hampshire. They serve all non profits including some good organizations like The Heart assoc. etc., but they also serve some other organizations like abortion clinics and politcal activists groups for Gay marriage rights etc. I feel it is wrong to help them since they help some organizations that are against our religion.The capacity under which he helps them is at the top of their organization so he can’t separate himself from the immoral organizations and the help he gives them goes to helping all the members, not just the good ones. His view is, since they help good organizations it is ok to volunteer there. Can you tell us what is right here?


Dear i,

It is not ok for your husband to support in any way organizations that help people to abort their children. If he is a volunteer, then he can withdraw. He should also state WHY he is withdrawing. What a witness he will be!

To continue such support can be a mortal sin for him. I don’t see how this would be a mortal sin for you unless you encourage him to not withdraw. Jesus said that if we deny Him, He will deny us. Our fidelity to Him must matter more than anything in the world!

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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