Is this a mortal sin or just something I'm worried about


I was looking at cute anime school uniforms for fun becausri like cute things and cute clothes and I saw a bad photo and I scrolled down and was confused on what that was so I scrolled back down and saw it and I realized and went back up then I deleted the app I was on and I was wondering is that a mortal sin or no? I honestly didnt want to see a bad photo.

Wanting to know if this is an example of partial or full consent

Not a sin. Do deliberate action.


What do you mean by do deliberate action?


You had no intent to offend God.


Okay thank you


You are very likely scrupulous. This is a disorder which causes excess worry about sinning. All the threads in your four days of membership touch on minor issues which your scrupulousity tells you are sinful. Stop posting here immediately and see a priest and psychologist. They will be able to help you with your issue. God Bless!


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