Is this a mortal sin?

I feel like I struggle with knowing what is a mortal sin when it comes to be affectionate with your significant other. Obviously there are clear cut things not to do stated in the Catechism, but I feel like sometimes that’s not enough.

Take for example this scenario: one night we were just cuddling and being chastely affectionate towards each other. Then my boyfriend’s hand wandered down the back of my shorts and touched my bare skin on my bum.

About a half a minute after he started I looked at him and he stopped. l feel like because I didn’t stop him right away that now I committed a mortal sin and I feel guilty because of it. I wasn’t not stopping him because I wanted him to be doing it or because I was hoping I would get aroused from it.

So my basic question is was this a mortal sin on my part?

And don’t get me wrong, we have set boundaries with each other and are usually very good about keeping. We have been dating for 18 months and remained virgins. It’s just that every now and again we have a boundary get crossed a little bit and then we talk about it and make sure to do better.

I would appreciated any input.

The direct answer to your main question is No, it wasn’t.

Was it a near occassion of sin? Yes, but near occassions aren’t always sin.

Rest your troubled heart – but just be extra vigilant from now on.

Thank you for the kind words… I will try to put my heart at rest.

I never realized how hard the virtue of chastity really is!

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