Is this a mortal sin??

Hi there, I need your advice on somethings. I’m 16 and I need to know if it is a mortal sin to disobey school rules. For example today it was after the bell rung to go to class. I needed to get some stuff I needed from my friend’s locker so I went. Alot of people are still at their lockers after the bell has rung. Did I commit a serious sin, cos I had to get that stuff for the next period?? Sorry if I’m sounding scrupulous. :o

Not a mortal sin.

For something to be a mortal sin it must be grave matter (typically some violation of one of the 10 commandments). School rules on locker visitiation in no way rise to the level of grave matter.

God Bless

Sometimes, we don’t do things perfectly according to what we are supposed to do. The rule is to do everything good. Sometimes it does not work out. Jesus said: don’t be anxious, for your Father who is in Heaven is taking care of everything.

Also, sometimes in life, things happen differently of what it should. In those cases, I use to stop myself and be attentive to God’s call in the situation because He may be up to something. Maybe He changes my normal routine to put someone on my road. Instead of worrying, I become more attentive to His needs. Mother Teresa has given examples of that.

Take care!

I agree with bilop. Remember that breaking a rule instituted by men does not always mean you are breaking God’s rules. That being said, you should still follow school rules. :slight_smile:

“But Peter and the apostles said in reply, “We must obey God rather than men.”” - Acts 5:29

No sweetie,

A mortal sin is a fundamental choice against God and His law. In order for a sin to be mortal, it must be of grave matter, one must have full knowledge and full consent. It’s basically slapping God in the face and breaking all ties with God because you want to go against His Law more than you want His Love and to be in His Grace.

Consider talking to your priest sometime and ask him to help you with this. Be careful not to fall into scrupulosity! :slight_smile:

God Bless you :slight_smile:

I dont think it was even a venial sin.

School laws are one thing. God’s laws are another. With this I’m not saying you should break school laws, I encourage you to not do. But what you mentioned doesn’t even sound sinful to me at all.

In this case NO. But if one persistently disregards school rules out of inflated pride, that would be mortal sin.

I understand your good intentions in posting this but since the OP tends to be scrupulous, perhaps we should give him advice and encouragement rather than information that may increase his scrupulosity. To me, he seems very sweet and not prideful in the least. I don’t think this kind of sin is what he’s in danger of committing. I just don’t want him to worry even more.

God Bless you and your good intentions! :slight_smile:

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