Is this a mortal sin?

Is laughing at or watching a sexual joke/scene in a TV show or movie a mortal sin?

It can be if done with knowledge that the subject is serious matter and you freely consent to do it.

Laughing at something can be a rather spontaneous act…which effects “free consent”…However, choosing to listen (or watch) the thing in the first place (and for what reason) would be where the problem lay.

I trust that the above is not very clear.
In all such matters it is best to discuss it with your confessor.


But is a comedy scene on TV serious matter?

Perhaps I should explain what the scene was.

A shape-shifting pig turned into a woman and flashed a perverted old martial arts master. It was in the anime Dragon ball, which is aimed at children and teens.

This honestly does not sound like a mortal sin to me.

It doesn’t sound like something worthy of watching either…Certainly does not glorify God, build up the kingdom or enhance grace…


Well does it sound like a sin though?

A shameful moment yes, a mortal sin no. If you choose to watch it again then it is a sin.

I like Kat’s answer to this.

I would class it as more of a “near occasion of sin” and as such should be avoided.

To clarify…let’s consider the “laughing” aspect of this. What does it say about one’s heart, or spiritual disposition that one would find the scene you described humorous?


But from what I’ve read on this forum before is that just watching a TV show is not a sin. Shows like Law&Order, CSI, etc have sexual scenes and stuff.

I just don’t see how watching a children’s/teen’s anime could be a sin.

This is why we always recommend that you speak with your confessor about these things. Asking such questions on a public forum will get you a wide range of opinion, but in most cases we cannot give a definitive answer because there are many personal factors involved.

I just don’t see how watching a children’s/teen’s anime could be a sin.

Here you are asking a different question than in your original post. Your original post is about watching sex scenes, or laughing at a sexual joke - it was not about watching a particular genre of programming. Lets’ stay on point here.

If you are watching a program and you are suddenly and unexpectedly presented with something inappropriate, there is no sin. You did not expect it, you did not seek it out and you do not embrace it as correct or stimulating.
If, as Kat said, you deliberately watch it over and over again…Then you ARE seeking it out, expecting it and embracing it as stimulating (either sexually or as humor).

So the difference is in the seeking out…which speaks to where your heart is…which speaks to the question I asked earlier relaing to the “laughing at” aspect of your OP…
What does it say about one’s heart, or spiritual disposition that one would find the scene you described humorous?

All of this said…We cannot tell you, personally and specifically, if what you did or concerns you is a specific sin or not. All we can do is to address things in a fairly general sense. Since this question is of concern to you, It is important that you speak with your regular confessor about this. He will know you best and will be able to direct you much better and more specifically than we can.


I do not watch the show for the sexual humor. There are 508 episodes in all of Dragonball/Z/GT. Only the earlier episodes have a lot of sexual jokes. I don’t remember many sexual jokes in the Z or GT portions of the show. And those two parts of the series take up 355 of the 508 episodes.

I know the show pretty well, so I can predict when a sexual joke will arise. Should I just turn my head and not laugh at the jokes when they happen?

If you watch TV, you are going to see a lot of low class sexual humor, and other sexual things that aren’t humorous. My suggestion is to quit watching network TV if you are concerned about being in mortal sin. I don’t think you really care, you obviously are going to keep watching this kind of programming.

Nonsense. I do care. That’s why I started this thread.

To all of you:

Go on hulu and type in “Dragonball Z”. Click on episode 1, dubbed.

I would be highly surprised if you found anything objectionable in the episode.

You have asked our opinions and we have given them. We have also suggested that you discuss this matter with the person who (should) know you best spiritually…Your confessor.


This is not necessary. Ehe question you asked is not about a specific show or series. It is about what might constitute a sin…(Watching a sexual scene or laughing at sexual humor)…


I don’t have a regular confessor. I go to Confession at two different parishes that have multiple priests hearing people’s confessions. And I hide behind the thing so that the priest can’t see me anyways.

Also, I don’t know if the priests will know what anime is, let alone Dragonball specifically.

I will certainly bring it up anyways next time I go to Confession.

I’m going to start a new thread asking for the opinions of people familiar with the show and other anime.

Well, I was specifically thinking of Dragon Ball when I posted the thread.

Dragon Ball isn’t nearly as bad as shows like Two and a Half Men, etc.

Shows like Two and a Half Men base themselves around sexual humor and are aimed at adults (it is aimed towards adults, right?). Dragon Ball, on the other hand, is an action/adventure/comedy/sci-fi show aimed towards children and teens.

As I stated earlier…the specific show will not matter if you ask the priest what you asked in the OP.

Yes - I’ve done that too…had something specific in mind but asked a more general question. Actually this is a good thing because the more general answers stand no matter what specific thing one is talking about.


I doubt if it’s a mortal sin. I’m sure it’s not very spiritually uplifting either. :stuck_out_tongue: But since you are asking, it must be bothering you. Either that, or you want some reassurance that it is okay to watch Dragon Ball. (I imagine it’s okay, but try to balance it out with some quality shows too.) I’m glad to hear it’s not on par with Two and a Half Men though!:slight_smile:

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