Is this a mortal sin

I have been trying hard to avoid mortal sin since my last confession on Saturday . Tonight I was carrying a dinner plate from the kitchen toward the upstairs part of my house to consume it , The plate was a flimsy paper plate and I almost dropped it and in the process of steadying it i spilt some of the drink I was carrying I said without thinking G** Dang it. I immediatley regreeted what I had said and felt guility . Was it a mortal sin ? Can I receive at Mass for Christmas.

Not a mortal sin at all.
To commit a mortal sin you must knowingly and willingly consent/do something that is a mortal sin.
You didn’t do this intentionally even if it was mortal, which it isn’t.
Try to train yourself to say something that doesn’t bother your conscience. :slight_smile:

God bless you at Christmas Mass and Communion.

No, not mortal. If I had done this I would confess it as a venial sin at my next regular confession but it would not prevent me from receiving the Eucharist.

No, that is not a mortal sin and most likely not even a venial, we tend to react sometimes without thinking about it. I don’t know how true this story is, but there was this Polish priest in UK and he was walking up to the pulpit but did stumble and he said something in his native language, and before he did begin his sermon he said “and all of you who know Polish, I am very sorry”.

Venial I believe.

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