Is this a mortal sin?

I have been watching tv shows and movies that oftentimes has some mild sexual references, occasionally not-so-mild (not very often). For example: one is a cop show called Castle. I’ve been watching it for a while and until somewhat recently I did not consider the sexual references much of a problem. Sometimes they caused some impure thoughts but I never consented to them. However, I have been starting to think that these references have had more of an effect on me than I previously realized, (again even though I do not consent to the impure thoughts) and I’ve been thinking that I should probably stop watching the show.

I did watch it again though, thinking that there may not be any sexual references in the latest show at all, because some episodes don’t have any, but I wasn’t sure that this one didn’t. I also thought, “the sexual references really aren’t that bad anyway, I’m probably just being scrupulous”(or something to that effect). After watching the show, which, it turns out, didn’t really contain any sexual references, I wasn’t sure if it was a mortal sin or not (although I leaned toward not, because I never consented to any impure thoughts) but I brought it to confession anyway.

Before I went into the confessional I thought about the small quantity of movies and tv shows that I would be able to watch if I didn’t watch anything with any sexual reference at all. I was ok with that, but what I struggled with was the fact that I would have to tell people about this in certain situations. If I went to a sleep-over at a friend’s house, I would most likely have to tell them about my problems with these movies/tv shows so that we wouldn’t watch any. That would be embarrassing. As a result I was only able to make a weak resolution (not firm) to not watch those kind of shows at sleep-overs, and say something if necessary.

First question: Was watching that tv show a mortal sin?
Second question: Was my confession invalid because I only made a weak resolution to avoid the movies/tv shows in social situations?

I’d personally have to say no to both. You genuinely don’t want to watch it for the sexual references but want to watch it for the quality of the show itself. If you truly do believe that the references are tempting you, Just try muting or skipping over that particular moment.
As for the resolution, you genuinely do want to avoid it whenever possible, but just don’t know how you would deal with it in a social situation. With that I say not to worry unless it actually comes up and if so just hum to yourself or something so you don’t hear whatever is being said. If it’s visual, just turn your head and hum. After all, it sounds like you genuinely don’t want to do something wrong, and that can make all the difference.

Personally, I avoid most TV and movies for just this reason. Satan will use anything to find the chinks in our armor because he is a murderer and the father of lies (Jn 8:44). Even prime-time, supposedly “family-friendly” entertainment is full of innuendos.

I stick to EWTN and recently the UP(lifting) TV channel. May God bless you and keep you safe until you are with Him in Heaven.

That’s not much of a problem with me as I hang around deja vue reruns of the early seventies comedies that I enjoy now regardless how many times I see them(guess it shows my age. :smiley: ). They are a bit risque also. Funny thing is, back then I didn’t think they were all that interesting. It’s probably the contrast of today’s vulgarity and suggestive pseudo-porn sitcoms compared with those days that makes them funnier and more wholesome today, I really don’t know. Seinfeld now has me in stitches, but I do realize
the 70’s purposely ambiguous subject matter could draw questions from the very young who would want to know what something or other means.

If I’m not tuned into that, I’m spending the rest of my time on nature,science,docu’s,social TV,DIY and other practical entertainment, never news stations. I thank God that my interests are not the other. Detest real TV most of the time, which I consider is a sitcom but just on a different set, and that alligator torcher show and gold exploration/land decimation show take the bottom rung in my book.

One day I almost fell off my chair, has I clicked on a mild and unpresuming movie title. I found myself in the middle of a triple X rated scene. I don’t subscribe for that garbage, and I assume the scheduler fell for the same title when he scheduled it for prime movie viewing. Just the same, I think he should have done some investigating, and not just the label on the film canister. I guess some of it gets past the filter.

As far as the sin is concerned, I would chalk it up to an occasion of sin. Confession was a good idea, and just not be tempted again in this area.

Oh yeah, Watch Seinfeld!

This will depend on the individual. If any sexual reference is a near occasion of sin, they need to avoid that. If those things are not near occasions of sin, no sin is committed. Some people will need to avoid these; others will not.

St Paul told us to pay attention to only that which is good, honorable, beautiful (paraphrase). If I watch a sex seen I close my eyes and stop up my ears (and peek every once in a while to see if it’s done). That makes sure that I’m following St Paul’s words. Besides, if a person watches that sort of thing all the time they get desensitized and start to think that sort of thing is normal (which it is, unfortunately, on TV these days). I try to make sure I’ve checked that it is a TV show that’s rated PG or less (sometimes PG-13, if I have seen it and know I can look away). I figure my watching needs are similar to that of my young grandchildren.

I do the same for violent scenes. If it’s a show I know has gratuitous violence/sex I don’t watch it. I don’t need it.

It would only be sinful if you were watching it for some pornographic or sexually stimulating desire.

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