Is this a mortal sin?

I know that when you go to confession you have to say the number of times you committed a mortal sin. When I have gone to confession in the past I knew you had to say the number of times, but I didn’t because I never thought it was that important. Is this a mortal sin? I know that I have somewhat of a scrupulous conscience so I’m not sure if this is actually mortal or if it is just my scruples. Thanks!

No because I was never taught that we had to say how many times or I wasn’t listening.

I actually mentioned many things in my last confessional about past sins that I may have forgotten or couldn’t remember whether I had confessed them in the past and the priest said as long as I hadn’t deliberately kept sins back or lied then my sins were absolved.

i think the priest will ask if he deems it necessary. You confession was valid and you did not sin by doing this, but in the future,if you did a grave sin, try to remember and tell how many times.

If you were to lie about how many times during confession that would be a different matter.

God Bless.

and feel free to tell the priest, in your next confession, exactly what you told us. then, it’s done with, and no worries.

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