is this a mortal sin??

I need outside view on this. Im stuggling with my purity. not to get into too much detail but i accidently discovered it earlier this fall and its been an ongoing issue. last time ive touched myself was over a month ago and ive been to confession since then which is why i havent actually touched. but two weeks ago i had what i think is called a wet dream and i woke up and felt my v. was all wet like from arousal. i know this is normal for males but im a girl and ive read that it isnt common in women.

I know that wasnt a sin. but beginning of this week ive found myself wetting again. not completely uncontrollably. but i’ll be doing homework and if i stare off into space and just think i get the feeling and moments later i just burst. I think this has to do with me trying to resist and prevent it from even starting. ive been trying to keep myself busy so i wouldnt be able to space of and think and fear it going again, but its a major struggle. im just shameful its happening and that i unfortunately get that pleasure feeling as it happens sometimes making it stronger.

im aiming to get to confession sometime this month. im just not sure if this is a mortal sin or not. i cant really help it from starting and im getting better at resisting i think but soon as it starts i just let it continue intentionally hoping it’ll pass soon. im really concerned on this and my priest knows of this from my confession so if i get him i can discuss this again next time i go.

is this a mortal sin? I have not touched at all aside from seeing how wet i got. i know if i touched it would mean me contributing to it and i may not be able to stop myself. Im going to try carrying a rosary so when it arises i can start praying and put my concentration on that. any input, any advice would be really great.

God bless. and please pray for me and all who are struggling with purity :signofcross:

I struggle with actually doing it and I’m a guy trying to escape an addiction to it so maybe I can’t relate as well

In my person opinion I would say its not mortal sin because you aren’t intentionally doing it and taking pleasure from doing it yourself
I honestly think this is the devil trying to tempt you to actually do it

I’m no girl so maybe I have no idea what I’m saying lol
But that’s my personal take on it

I will pray for you and just stay strong like you have
I have been actually been doing the real thing I highly honor your resistance to it

my friend, do not worry about purity and its struggles, Jesus Christ has saved you through the blood of his very bones on the cross, you don’t need to worry about your concerns because Christ is a like a mirror that knows your from the inside of your heart to the outside, nothing that you do is kept secret from him and his intentions from saving you so anything that you do isn’t a big deal for him, i wish you the best, i will pray for you, and keep you dear to heart,


Hey Girl!

First off, you are not alone. I’m a girl and I struggle with the same thing of masturbation and pornography.

Second, I actually had a similar situation like this. I had a wet dream that I was masturbating. When I woke up, I was so scared that I actually did it or that having that dream itself was sinful. I went to my college’s assistant chaplain during confession and asked him about it (after explaining the situation) the situation. He told me that if it was a dream then it wasn’t a sin because we aren’t consciously doing it (awake when it happens). He also reminded me that having sinful thoughts is okay, it’s just acting on those thoughts that makes it sinful.

So in your situation, I would say having a wet dream or thinking about it is not sinful. But I’m not an expert on the issue. I would advise you, if you are still worried about this, to talk to your priest during confession. He would be better to get insight from.

I hope I helped a little bit! I’ll be praying for you, my sister in Christ!

I don’t think so in your case.

The rosary and other devotions are a good idea, don’t give up. They will help, even if the problem is a natural one. You may want to find a female gynacologist just to rule out all physical factors.

Good luck.

Thanks, I’m going to try resisting it myself first. It may just after affects of temptation like other addictions. I’m thinking its nothing more than that and hopefully I’ll get back into the pure mindset. As long as I don’t get another wet dream like that I think I can do it. Thank you all fors ur prayers

I’m sorry, but this is absolute presumption, and it can be gravely sinful to live your life with this mindset.

Please rethink this perspective, because it is not the perspective of Holy Mother Church.

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