Is this a mortal sin

“Please Lord Jesus let me do this” as a joke in a video game. Can I receive tomorrow. Mortal sin?

Did you mean it as a joke(no malicious/bad intent), or was it a really stressful situation in the game and it slipped out? I’d say if either of these was your intention, you’re absolutely fine.

Mortal sin, in my eyes, is a grave breach of the Law for one’s own gain/comfort. Honestly, I don’t think what you did was grave matter, nor do I think you would have said it if you thought it was. Unless I’m missing something here, you should be fine.

Between both, plus a bit of malice in that I chose that usage rather than just chilling.

Based on this, it’s venial at worst, in my opinion. I’m far from being an expert, but I’m fairly confident that this wasn’t grave matter.

It’s a venial sin. While you did take the name of the Lord in vain, there was no intent to blaspheme, insult God or the Faith, or attach foul language to it. Plus, “full consent” seems a bit doubtful here. Don’t beat yourself up over it. :slight_smile:

No this is not a serious issue and yes you may receive the Eucharist.

In my honest opinion, you are treating your relationship with God almost like a test. If I do this, am I in venial sin, or mortal? Stand back from over analysis and consider the heart of your sonship with God. You are family. You make mistakes, often in the heat of life. You should consider prayer as a way to talk to God as your Father. He is not going to go off screaming at you if you write something stupid without much thought. If that were the case most of our politicians would be in real trouble. LOL.
In a family you don’t sit up straight and watch your p’s and q’s like a school room. You be yourself as your family knows you, puts up with you, and are really quite fond of you.
Be aware that your relationship with your Lord is the most important element in your life, giving it meaning, purpose and destination. But to concentrate on every little failure is not what your Father wants. He wants you to grow in your love of him, in success at what you do, and in the continued use of your growing talents for your prosperity and to His greater glory in your creation.
Live life in honour and purpose, but don’t fuss over the little things.

The reason I chose those words was to sound funny, but also a bit to blaspheme His name.

Please get help for your scruples. Start working with a priest or spiritual director who can help you with this issue of thinking everything is a sin,

No. Maybe I am sinner. I joke about God a lot. I think God is so accessible. I think we should respect the Lord, but DOES RELIGION ALWAYS HAVE TO BE SO SERIOUS. Everything life or death. I have had priests laugh at my confessions several times. I expected priests to always be stern.

You think it’s blasphemy and a potential mortal sin to ask God for His help?

Maybe doing well in a video game isn’t the most noble of intentions, but it is not in itself a sinful activity, and I make a habit of asking for God’s help to do my best in everything that I do.

Please discuss this with your pastor or regular confessor.

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