is this a mortal sin

hi you all,

yesterday, i went to the pool to read. and i was there alone. then, three people who were there earlier (before i came) came back to get their stuff. i heard them say that they had been drinking, and they were loud and obnoxious. they were getting their stuff to leave, and one of the people (person ‘x’) wanted to drive, but the other person (person ‘y’) was like ‘no your not driving’, implying that she was too drunk to drive. the other person (person ‘z’) had a separate car, and had been drinking too, but he didn’t seem that drunk to me. person x and y decided to have person y drive. i don’t think that they were driving too far away - everybody lives relatively close over here. while they were in the pool area, i felt that i should have said something too them, but i didnt know what to say or what i could do to help. i was thinking maybe i could offer to drive them but the i was like 'but i don’t even know then how they get their cars back then" and the logistics of it seemed all messed up, so i ended up not doing/saying anything. i know i should’ve done something, but in the moment i sort of froze. i want to receive communion at mass today, but i am afraid i may have committed a mortal sin. should i should abstain from receiving today?

Nope no mortal sin. You are not responsible for the actions of strangers.

No not a mortal sin. It’s up to them to know right from wrong and take responsibility for their actions.

I don’t know about the mortality of sin in this situation. I will say that I work part time in security. One site I work has lots of weddings at the venue. It’s downtown. If I notice people are too drunk to drive I offer a cab or remind them of uber. Or I note we have free overnight parking. If many guests seem to be leaving, I call the police with descriptions of the cars. And I have no problem doing that.

Well done and I wish more people would do this or similar. Easier for you in your position of course but you use it with discretion and responsibility. I am sure you have saved many lives. In a very real sense we are “our brother;s keeper” and should care for others.

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