Is this a pregnacy mood swing or something else?


My wife is pregnant. Sometimes she has these days, like today, where she acts really depressed. She doesn’t speak to me at all, stares down at the floor and acts like someone has died, and just acts really withdrawn.

I’ve heard of some women getting really mean, she’s not mean, just sad and depressed. This usually lasts for one day, then she goes back to normal. The last time this happened was about a week and a half ago.

Just yesterday she was happy and I even felt the baby kick last night before we went to bed and all was well. What made this kick in this morning? Does this sound like a pregnancy thing?



If you’ve never been pregnant, you have NO IDEA what the huge fluctuations in hormones can do to you. I cried at everything when I was pregnant, and I am definitely not the type to cry.
And don’t think it’ll be over the minute she delivers, either. It takes several weeks for the biggest part of those hormones to get out of the system, and if she’s breastfeeding, there are still hormones there for that!
So just love her and support her the best you can, and realize that she does not have control of these things now. She can’t just ‘snap out of it’, at least not until her hormonal status is back to normal. You can’t ‘do’ anything about it, except be there for her. :shrug:


Yes, most likely.
Some women don’t experience pregnancy depression, but I’m one of the lucky ones. Could be full blown “pregnancy depression” or just temporary hormonal fluctuations… either way, it’s never fun at all… especially for the mom!

Be patient, and sympathetic… not easy, but helpful…


Probably a pregnancy related moodswing.

When I get that way- about once every couple weeks- I really want someone to baby ME a bit. I start feeling like I have becoming nothing more than a servant to everyone (not a bad thing, but not an easy thing, either) and no one appreciates me. The best thing my husband can do is come home, help me cook or cook me dinner, be really helpful and let me take it easy. The extra touches, like letting me sit on the couch with my feet up and covering me up with a blanket, bringing me home a little treat (chocolate is always appreciated), and spending extra time with me, go a loooooong way.


Not sure . . . I’d keep an eye on her, especially after delivery when PPD can set in.


Hard to say for sure, but it could be. Like others said, you can’t really do anything (sucks eh?) other than being there for her. If it gets worse though, she should mention it to her Doctor because she shouldn’t have to suffer through depression in pregnancy.



It might not be a pregnancy mood swing. I have those melancholy days myself. As long as it doesn’t last more than a couple of weeks, it really isn’t anything to be too concerned about. Just make sure she is eating right and getting out, and if she wants a bit of space on those kinds of days, don’t feel bad giving it to her.


I never experienced that during pregnancy, but it’s def normal…I experience more mood swings now that the G is out in the open, because I am way more sleep deprived. She’s 10 months and I still have a down day every once in awhile. “It’s the HORMONIES” as they say in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. :slight_smile:

I remember taking our NFP classes and seeing a chart of the hormone fluctuations for a normal woman and thinking “Holy cow!! That’s why I feel like a different person half the time! I am!” Such is being a woman.

Like Krista said, when you wife seems down, love on her extra! I always feel guilty for being sad way down deep, and I need my DH to rub my shoulders, offer to play with the baby while I grab a nap ALONE in the bed, and tell me what a good job I’m doing and how hard I work. So help her relax and remind her how much you love and appreciate her for carrying your baby and what a great job gestating she’s doing. :thumbsup:


Even if we’re in a bad mood or having a bad day, we’re adults and we ought to work on overcoming uncharitable behavior. It’s part of being mature and building character. Giving in to it and refusing to speak is not healthy or helpful.

I have a problem saying, “It’s just hormones” and excusing that kind of behavior . . . pregnant, nursing or neither.

Now, if it’s true depression, that’s another story.


Sometimes people do get ‘true depression’ during pregnancy. Sometimes the spells are shorter and pass quicker. The hormones don’t help much. I am terrified my depression returns everytime I have an ‘off day’. I always think that the depression has returned and it is here to stay. When I feel like that I can’t reason with myself. It’s called catastrophic thinking. But usually it is only an ‘off day’ and it hasn’t come back but it is hard to ‘act’ as if it is ok when I am thinking like that. It isn’t an excuse but I find it hard to be all grown up and sensible when I feel like my world could collapse.


I didn’t mean to come across as unfeeling. There are people in my life who suffer from anxiety and depression.

If I were the OP, I wouldn’t just assume this is a normal part of pregnancy. Ignoring a spouse for a day isn’t a good thing.


Even a woman who is over the moon at becoming a mother can be overwhelmed by what that means in her life. She may be brooding and trying to work out this huge change in her identity, responsibilities, and life-direction. She may have fear about her changing role in your family.

Even with my fifth child, I went through some of this… it sounds normal to me. Offer to hold her, just be silent and show her your availability and care by being up against her, strong, reassuring, and there to literally lean on.

I am sure it will be fine… :smiley:


That’s ok. I agree that it may or may not be part ot pregnancy.


Nothing stabilizes hormones – male, female, teenage, middle-age, pregnant, any hormones – like fresh air, relaxation and good nutrition. Are all those available to her enough?


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