Is this a scandal?

I have been great friends with my neighbor for over fifteen years. We walk our dogs together probably once per week. I am male and my neighbor who is female led me to Jesus and the Catholic church. I learned the Rosary, the Novenas, and started attending church. The leader who is a lay person tells us that we are prohibited by Catholic law from fellowship. That there is a rule about male and female being alone together. That we are dating. (We are absolutely not, and there is no sinful activity whatsoever) The leader tells her she is sinful for this.
This has made it very difficult to attend church anymore because she is not even allowed to sit near me in church. I feel lonely and isolated. I wish to understand why this person:
Feels Jesus told him to tell her to not to have fellowship whatsoever.
Has a right to control people in their lives to his own values.
Thank You.

I have no idea what this “leader” is talking about, there are no such rules in the Catholic Church. Men and women are free to be friends with each other, provided that normal prudence is followed. However, two neighbors walking dogs together is not tantamount to scandalous behavior by any measuring stick I can think of. This “leader” has no church authority so I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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