Is this a serious sin?

Is it a serious sin to vent about a co-worker to someone who does not know them and you don’t use the co-worker’s name?

It is most likely not a sin at all if the reputation of the person is not jeopardized. If the person cannot be known then it is a generalized conversation and no harm is caused.

Sounds like you helped yourself with venting your frustration and didn’t harm or intend to harm the co-worker.

Thanks - I’ve been frusturated with this co-worker lately and have used stuff like “my co-worker” instead of a name. To an individual at work, I think I made a comment “its hard to be motivated (referring to work) when some people always seem to be on break/taking breaks”. I hope comments like that are okay (I think paid attention to some of our co-workers, he would probably figure out whom I was talking about).

Its okay. You were not trying to hurt the person, just making a statement.

Venting at work is something I too struggle with…I’m personally trying not to do it because I find more fault with the angry attitude behind the vent, then with the words themselves…I have set the background on my desktop to a picture of Mother Mary, and when ever I feel myself getting annoyed or angry w/ a co-worker and take a moment and say a hail mary - it is faster than leaving my desk and venting to my friends at work, and it does more to get to root of the problem.

A great quote I read recently: “It’s God’s job to change people, it’s my job to love them”

Not passing judgment - and to address your question, no I don’t think it is a serious sin - just sharing some insight that might help your work situation.

The following comments do not address the moral issues, but prudential matters:

It would be best not to talk like that at work. Even if you don’t name the person, it can have a negative impact on your workgroup or team. Also beware, it can have a negative impact on your own reputation in the workplace if you suggest that your motivation or your performance would suffer due to other people’s work habits.

Consider what it is that motivates you to do good work. Why is it hard to be motivated when someone else is slacking? I am not saying you’re wrong to feel that way. Yes, it is unfair, it’s not right, but if you do the best job you can, you can be proud of that, and you will sharpen your work skills, and for that you will be rewarded sooner or later.

It can be sinful. It is usually a sign that devils have been working on your mind which they must enter in order to get into your heart. Venting can have the effect of fueling the flames and open the door of your heart to devils. If you feel guilty about it, you probably sinned in some manner. But of course, this is something that would need to be discussed with a spiritual director (priest).

My suggestion: pray a Hail Mary for the co-worker each time a negative thought of him/her comes into your mind. Meanwhile, try to stay focused on your own work and try not concern yourself with others. St. Faustina suffered greatly for others faults and was rewarded greatly for it. She is an example to strive for.

Ask your self: do you need to tell someone? What good will it be? Why should someone else know? If the answer is “no” at one of theese count’s you should not tell anyone what you did hear or se.

There is a very simple rule about keeping things confidential. Take three pens, you will tell your colleague, (put one pen on the table) you will tell your best friend, (put the second pen on the table) and you will tell your wife, (put the last pen on the table) how many knows about this thing you really should not tell? What do you see, I I I three pens = 111, that many persons know by now, 111, that is a big crowd.

Venting about people or things at work is sometimes better than holding it all in and letting it stew and bubble. Often when we vent to a trusted friend or a spouse they might offer suggestions for dealing with the situation that might help.

I agree. I find it helpful to “think out loud” at home about workplace issues.

My earlier comment was about talking at work, where one must be careful. I’ll tell you a story about that: I used to “vent” at work to a trusted coworker. Since then, he has worked his way up in the management. Now that he is in a position of authority, I regret that I said so many negative things about the company.

If you have something to tell about a co-worker, or colleague, you do so when he/she is present. No matter if it is good or bad. Talking behind somones back is maybe not a grave sin, but it is certainly not right. And if you need to reprimand someone, do so when nobody is there to hear what you say. Easy, simple and correct behavior.

I can sympathize with you. We have a gentleman at work who is not “pulling his weight” and often comes in late. The other workers have noticed this and their work suffers and they resent the effort of coming to work on time and putting in a hard days graft. As a manager, it is very difficult for me to deal with the individual and the topic comes up in confession very often. It is far too easy to criticize and resent the individual when in fact he needs compassion and encouragement. My advise - use this as motivation to work harder! Use your enthusiasm and work ethic as an example to all your fellow workers. As a Catholic, this is your opportunity to evangelize through your actions at work - let Christ work with you and through you!

Be a Saint through your work.


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