Is this a Sign from God?


Hi guys, (I REALLY need help with this issue and it’d mean the world to me if you could give me some insight… i know its a little long… but if you have time itd mean so much to me if you could share your ideas…)
I am an 19 year old girl in Catholic University of America and Ive been having a super rough time ever since the beginning of this year- my freshman year. Over the summer I met a boy (Vincent) that i would be going to school with when we started. We were inseperable all summer and while we did not make a commitment to only date each other… we didnt see anyone else (even tho he lived 4 hours away). When we finally got to school things went downhill really fast. He blames it on his intense schedule and family stress. We fought bitterly… BITTERLY for all of september… finally october we started to get better, but had decided it was best to just be friends “temporarily”. But i was hurting a lot because i never saw him and i am in love with him. And it hurt. After praying for numerous signs I was getting frustrated until one day i THINK i got one!

In September I prayed the St Vincent de Paul (his patron saint) novena and the day it ended i got sick and the boy took care of me and for awhile it looked like we’d be gettingintoa relationship, but of course his “stress” came back into play. So finally I ran into the Basilica (i have the luxury of living on a campus where the National Basilica is in my backyard lol) and i got into the chapel of the miraculous medal. and then i just threw my arms up and prayed, “what do you want me to do? is this the guy i’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with? or is this just someone i’m supposed to just get over.” and i heard something say “it will happen but you need to give it time. trust me give it time he needs time and space to clear his head and everthing” and i prayed, “well what am i supposed to be doing while i wait… just wait”? and i hear something again “live your life now it will happen when its supposed to happen. all in good time. soon. just be patient” and i said “well should i just stop talking to him?” and i hear “keep communication open but dont overwhelm him…dont be posting on people’s walls (facebook haha) in order to make him jealous. (i was doing this and it was making the boy upset) dont be flaunting around other guys… dont set out to make him jealous. if he sees you with other guys and gets jealous great… thats a perk… but you need to just act normal. dont set out to make him jealous”

and i prayed,“i want a sign” and i look down at the kneeler and it said "a gift from the VINCENTIAN (his name is Vincent) brothers’ and i said to myself “alright… thats weird. but thats not obvious enough that doesnt tell me anything so can i have another sign? a more obvious one?? that could just be coincidence??” and i heard something basically say “no you have to just accept the sign i give you. if you dont trust the sign i give you then you dont trust me… that was ur sign just accept it” and i prayed, "okay your right. thanks for the sign "

i get up… and immediately to my left when i get up is this huuuuge statue. and underneath the statue it says “universal patron of charity” and i was like “no way… what is this a statue of” and i see the inscription on the wall “st. vincent de paul”

is that a sign?? i felt like i got hit in the face when i saw the sign. And a few days later the boy and i decided to be “friends indefinitely” and instead of being devastated… i was happy because i felt like this was good because i KNEW it was gonna happen but i was supposed to just wait… but now things are getting harder… and it has only been 2 weeks since the sign but im starting to lose faith… I just dont know if this was a sign or a coincidence.

If it was a sign… what does god want me to be doing? just wait patiently? My friend said “well you said you were going to wait and here you are being impatient and not listening to the advice god gave you. God said to wait and it would happen when its time. He didnt say… wait… 2 weeks”



You are too young to be dealing with this person that has been on and off, maybe, maybe not…Forget him…move on…there’s about 4 gazillion "fish " in the sea…you’re young; study, go out with friends ,pray…stop with men that are too “stressed”…Don’t talk to him anymore, eventually, you’ll forget about him.


I agree 100 % !

Do all those things, have fun, life is a beautiful thing.

I know too many cases where very nice young girls have loaded themselves down with the troubles of a guy who was all about himself, uncommitted to anything, and could never truly love them.
Yet they fell for them for some reason.
There ARE MANY great young men out there. When you meet one, you won’t have all these questions.

Please take your time, pray, and try to see clearly the best path for you.
Jesus and His Blessed Mother will help you if you take some time with them, be patient.

I pray that you do not get stuck in a relationship that is not right for you, it happens way too often !


be careful with signs related to these issues.

I remember when I was in high school and beginnin gof college I thought I was going to be with this one guy. I mean, everything seemed perfect. It seemed that there were a million signs that we’d end up married, having kids, the whole 9 yards. Then he asked me out…then he dumped me. I was SO mad at God for “promising me something” then holding out. Trust was, I was looking for signs where I shouldn’t have been and I was taking things as a sign that really weren’t.

Then I met my husband. I prayed constantly about him since I had a lot of huge life decisions that revolved around our relationship. The only thing I got from God was “wait.” and “seek me, and don’t worry.” I followed this advice which made our relationship very slow, but also brought me into the catholic church.

The thing is, you guys aren’t exclusive. Don’t try to make him jealous, don’t try to make him commit. Just be what you said you were “friends.” If you end up together, great. If not, that just means God has someone better for you (trust me on this. My husband is not only funnier, has more in common with me, but is also WAAAAAAY hotter than that first guy!!! LOL).


Amen to that!


The only sign I’m seeing is a huge red flag.

Praying that you will find some good new Catholic friends.



thanks for sharing.http://www.*********.com/img/4713/n09x0302vnsn/clear.gif


Hey young sis, your getting some good advice…You need to just relax and concentrate on your schooling…Signs are a funny things as they can be legit and your mind can make something out of anything if you want it bad enough…Thing is, God knows your desires and can direct your path right where you need to be to meet who He has for you…My wife was friends of my sisters and we became friends and hung out doing things and one day something just “clicked” between us…Prioritize your life to whats most important…Enjoy the friends He puts in your path…Avoid things/places that hold temptations…Enjoy your time…Prov. 3:5-6

Blessings in Christ…Kim


Good evening, my sister.
The single state is all about being at peace with where God wants you now. It seems God, echoed by your friend, says to be patient. But don’t get hung up on waiting for him. You need to keep discerning, and if God wants you to date another guy, go for it.

btw, the thing about not flaunting around other guys, that’s just good advice for chastity.


It doesn’t matter whether it was God, your guardian angel or your own common sense talking. The response was, 'Get on with your life. Now’s not the time." Once you get on with your life and make other friends, he may not appeal to you so much. Or, maybe he will and he’s the one for you. But now’s not the time. You might, however, be getting some encouragement to pray to St. Vincent de Paul and focus on his charity. Read about him. Maybe even do a little following in his footsteps; do some volunteer work with the sick or the poor. That’ll take your mind off the dilemma and maybe you’ll even meet some great new friends doing the same thing who are not so self-centered.


Thank you everyone for the responses!

I am definitely going to keep trusting in God and hoping for the future… .while living my life now to the fullest. I guess things turned sour when a priest told me tthat i need to stop relying on God so much and trust in my self more. I was kinda shocked… but i thought hey this is a priest… i should listen…

but you guys are all right. thank you!!


I don’t know about signs and I don’t know if you’re talking about hearing a voice or “simply” having some thoughts while praying. What I can tell you is I would agree with the message. You shouldn’t obsess about a guy. You have your own life, not even in the sense of enjoying yourself, but in the sense of being responsible for it as well. Plus, time in life isn’t unlimited. You won’t feel it clearly when you’re 19, but you will later. You need to be a strong, dependable person and reasonable and mature as well. Concentrating all your energy on a guy, especially one that isn’t decided, won’t help it. Focusing on your studies and getting on with life despite adversity, that’s what will help.


Much good advice so far. There is an old saying " God helps those who help themselves" While asking God want he wants you to do is very good and is something you should do everyday, you must not sit and wait on an answer because he will answer in His own good time. You must concentrate on your schooling and growing in your love for God and fellow man. Let other things happen in there own time and do not force them as this usually make things happen before they are ready and they then fall part later in life. After 35 years of marriage I can tell you do not rush into anything so important. Commitment and unselfish love is what you need and are looking for and right now God is the best place for that. This boy sounds like he needs more time and maturity to get to that point in his life. Be friends with him and love God.


This sounds all great and I am so glad that you guys helped me. I just find it soo crazy that so many of you were able to pick up on how selfish he is when you havent even heard half of it. I guess that just shows the degree of selfishness he has…


Hey mcon 1990, that is a wonderful story and if I were you, I would consider myself extremely blessed, (but not in a cocky sort of way). could that have been a sign from God? who am I to say? God works in mysterious ways for sure, so it could very well be a sign. it sounds to me like the Holy Spirit is working very powerfully in your life, and that alone is enough of a reason to praise God. it sounds as if you are already aware that it’s good to give God thanks & praise for everything in your life, good and bad. it’s real easy for us to thank God when things are going good, but it seems that many people (me included) forget to thank God when things aren’t going so good. stay close to Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, meaning frequent Communion, Eucharistic Adoration, etc, and if you have a chance to attend Confession frequently, I would suggest also taking advantage of that. If it is a sign from God, I am confident that He will let you know somehow. God bless you on your faith journey friend.


Hi Mcon,

I suggest you stay in touch regularly with your priest or confessor, and ask his help in discerning the origins of your experiences. Such experiences can have purely natural origins, or they can be originating from the spiritual world - either from God and his saints and angels, or from Satan and his fallen angels and unclean spirits.

I have read the stories of several people who had apparitions and signs - St. Francis of Assisi, St. Teresa of Avila, St. Faustina Kowalska, St. Catherine Laboure (Miraculous Medal), St. Bernadette Soubiros (Lourdes), the children of Fatima, Sr. Agnes Sasagawa (Akita). One common thread through these stories was that the visionaries brought their experiences to the Church and its representatives (priests, bishops, Pope) for discernment and approval.

St. Francis had an apparition of Christ and of Our Lady at the Portiuncula church, and Christ wished to bestow a great favor on him. St. Francis asked that anyone who comes to that Church on a certain day of the year, be granted a plenary indulgence after partaking in the Sacraments (Confession, Communion). Christ agreed, but told St. Francis to go to the Pope and ask him to grant his request.

St. Teresa of Avila had many apparitions of Christ, and she was rather troubled not knowing what to do - were these apparitions really from Christ? She was instructed by Christ to share all with his confessors, and to ask the Pope’s approval for starting her convent houses. St. Teresa told her apparitions to at least a dozen or more priests and confessors, who finally discerned that these were really supernatural in origin, trustworthy, and coming from Christ.

With the Marian apparitions, Our Lady always sent the visionaries to their priests and bishops, and in fact these representatives of the Church were the ones who had the duty and responsibility to discern whether these apparitions, messages, and requests were from Our Lady or not. St. Bernadette didn’t even know that her apparitions were from Holy Mary, she only knew it was a beautiful lady who told her, “I am the Immaculate Conception”. It was Bernadette’s parish priest and bishop who discerned that her apparitions were actually coming from Our Lady, the Virgin Mary.

Good luck, sister, I’m praying for you!


You said he was undecided and people took it for granted that he was, plus, being undecided at yours and his age in the relationship area generally tends to come with a degree of self-centredness, but it doesn’t necessarily mean the guy is selfish as in a person who consciously looks out for number one.

If you really consider him selfish, then - but I’m not touching on the subject of your possible signs from God, which you should talk about with a priest, not with us here - I believe you should rethink your attitude towards him. Do you want a selfish boyfriend, fiance and later husband, simply put? Sometimes people attract us because, well, they are attractive to us, rather than really being what we seek or need.


You bet. I’m very happy for you and wish you all the best.

Remember to trust God with this and all important things in your life.
He definitely has a plan for each one of us, we just need to talk to Him often. And listen.
I believe that each of us has a bigger role than we may suspect in God’s Plan.
He WANTS to be included in out everyday life, He is interested in everything we do.
But we need to remember to invite Him in.
How do we do that ?
I think you already know-
"… pray, pray, pray. Until prayer becomes a joy for you."

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