Is This a Sign From God?

Whenever I put an image of myself into Google’s image search, I almost always encounter several images of priests. Might this be a sign from God that I should be a priest? Or is it just a coincidence?

I wouldn’t read too much into it.

You shouldn’t put yourself out there. People use those images a lot, and not always for a Christian purpose.
Don’t do that.

Also, that’s not how God “calls” people to their particular vocations.
Become Catholic, the Vocations office will often ask you wait 5 years, and pray about it.
Lots of life and education to be had first my friend.

I guess it’s a coincidence then.

The reason I put pictures on the internet is to share vintage/vintage style clothes, and certain outfits on a vintage website, and when I play my accordion in my videos.

I know people can take, and modify images, but I don’t exactly care what they do with them. After all, they weren’t really supposed to take them in the first place.

Also understand that search engines will track what you search. So if you have been searching for information about priests, search engines remember that search and will show future searches with priest related results at the top.

Interesting. I often search for images of the Shroud of Turin on Google Images, but not priests.

The search I am talking about finds images similar to the image you put in the search (I think it’s called “Search By Image” or something like that.) I just searched my YouTube avatar, and I got several images of priests. I think it detects hairstyles, facial features, colors, and clothes if an image of a person is searched. I have also searched with inanimate objects, but it seems to find identical objects.

Here are the results of the search (if this works.)–XqTYedoi0VsQViAJWFsa28efxvOKsTKtl7A0yaDOfRueJetu9HLfXvUcdhGTHGhOYQYS_1_1Y4_1d0es6Z-HItXl08KZgjAp4jph6F2aQWQd6WtLMfFAGvBl1oT6qmczO2xhKAM3FiIH4R2e1G9Lhb4QZxz7kqz8kasEWXkCQl2LqQQPxpwaKIjLS9vG1K3aPn4dJnt8VmoTntOu7HvNqX4BzGJXxvYChDWYdrJ4asWW5o0732maLhPcIXnM3QevrlSYuzvc2cf9Sg1G5U2vDrJMPhVSgIrGV3174LfM-bOIH43TnSsgJTdFNafKYWzJkXhhtLE36D_1ZaS6A47wJNZuaYL0Uf1TDlQ65Sk-e_14Xm3_1oMLgiAvJzVt9UGEVn4lRWEEHAMK5FVUAcRiAcS7j0Uukw

Looks like it has more to do with composition and background color to me.

That’s what I was thinking. There is a lot of green in all the images, and they are all of people in similar positions in the images. That makes the most sense. I don’t think the search is that accurate in searching for peoples faces, however.

Instead of Google, you should talk to a priest about this, He can help you, God Bless, Memaw

I think if God wants to call you to the Priesthood, you’ll begin feeling that in your heart. Do you have any desire to be a priest? If you aren’t sure, pray for discernment.

If you have to ask here, it isn’t. It is my understanding that if God wants to let you know something, He’s pretty clear about it.

This may be true, but sometimes we are a little hard of hearing when it comes to this too. I know it took quite some time for me to “hear” a potential call to the diaconate.

Image searches are unpredictable… But I once heard a Priest on EWTN say that “people call many things coincidences, but in fact the coincidences ARE the miracles!.”

I don’t think that the search returned an image of Richard Nixon means God wants you to run for president either.:wink:

That is certainly not the way to discern a vocation from God. God Bless, Memaw

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