Is this a sin? If so, mortal or venial?

I was reading a news site when I reached the article limit. I managed to read one article plus 2 paragraphs of yet a different one by making sure that my finger barely left my phone.

Would this be considered a sin, as I feel like I cheated a company out of deserved money, and if so, mortal or venial?

Also, how would I pay reparation? Buy a subscription and not read their articles?

Speak to your priest about a tendency toward scruples.
God bless.

Why is the state of your soul dependent on strangers on the Internet and a poll? Speak to a priest and follow his direction.
If 20 people say it is a mortal sin and 21 say it isn’t then what would you do?
I’d spend s little time if I were you looking up the conditions for mortal sin.

No, this is not a sin of any kind. If you have many worries about sins like these, it is advised that you speak to a priest.

I would say no.
I also struggle with scruples. I think the best thing you can do is find a priest you’re comfortable with and talk with him about it. I put this off for a long time, but the first time I talked to a priest, I felt a hundred times better. I’m not an expert, but I’ve found that my scrupulosity can not only hurt me emotionally, but spiritually as well, because when I obsess over sins or whether I’ve sinned or not it feels like there’s a barrier between me and God.
I’ll pray for you. Please, pray for me as well.

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