Is this a sin of Ommision?

During a Soccer Practice someone did something I think is innapropriate.
I didn’t like it. It was also directed at me. Should I have told him not to do it again?
If you need to, I’ll say what happened exactly.

Being insulted or whatever happened isn’t the victim’s fault unless the action was incited (still it isn’t the victim’s fault but another sin is possible). It might be easier to elaborate.


During practice, there were people running, when they ran past me one person hit my rear. (probably with no bad intent). I find it innapropriate.

I am wondering if I have to tell him not to do it again.

Definitely not sin of omission. I wouldn’t try to make a fuss out of it because that may result in escalation. If you see someone about to do it, just put up your hand for a high five.


How we handle insults, intended or otherwise, is important, and may lead to “content” for contrition or confession.

If you deliberately nursed resentment following this “insult” and relived the event over and over, I’d take that to confession. This is a misuse of your memory. You are not using all your mind to love God and others.

If the reason you felt insulted is because you have a high opinion of yourself…well maybe that’s another thing to take to Confession.

Better way to handle it might be to smile and offer up the offense for…the persecution of all Christians in China, the reparation of all your sins, for the unborn, for the mothers of all children, for greater generosity of all fathers, for the Holy Father’s intentions, or a million other intentions.

When insulted, injured, convert that event into an “opportunity” to join your pain to Christ’s pain on the cross.

So the day becomes a source of hundreds of potential opportunities to meet Jesus.

Just a proposal.

If it happens again and again, to you or others…there’s what’s called a fraternal correction. Taking the person aside and say, perhaps with humor, “hey remember dude this is soccer let’s focus on the ball and not ears”. Or “Hey, Dude, easy on the elbows, you’re dirty play is getting noticed by others…let’s focus on the real game”.

Take him/her aside so as to not raise the stakes…give them an out…use humor…go gradual.

But do so only after repeated offenses…and humor often helps diffuse things.

But most importantly focus on your behavior/reaction not his/hers.

If it is boys swatting girls’ behinds, they should be stopped. If it is boys swatting boys behinds, are they doing it to sexually harass or to bully or just to goof around? Figure out the intention or what probably is the intention of the swatter and then figure out how best to stop it – perhaps by telling him directly, maybe by avoiding being near that person, maybe by blocking or redirecting the hand – hard to know w/o being there or being involved in the action. It can be hard to deal with.

There just messing around

what upset you about it? what did you think you should have done that you didn’t do? why didn’t you like it? has it happened again? what part are you worried about?

I think it is innapropriate.

I didn’t tell him not to do it again.

I didn’t want to seem “wierd” for not lightening up.


About not telling him to not do it again.

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