Is this a sin or not?

Hey, so I’m just looking for advice/opinions as I’m not sure. I was reading a celebrity gossip article (something I previously spent a lot of time doing but have been trying to avoid lately because of my mindset) and it was in relation to a tv reality show I used to watch, a wedding, one of the guests looked as though her chest was uncovered at one side (a few images down in the article) I spent quite a bit of time looking right at the picture trying to work out if she was actually dressed like that at a wedding (I was a bit baffled as her dress didn’t fall that way) I can say completely that I was not attempting to gain any kind of sinful reaction but even so, I’m a female and have been suffering quite badly from OCD and explicit images/thoughts lately but I was I think, of sound mind in this instance. I’m actually quite surprised considering my mental state lately that I was clear headed.

I’m just wondering because of me deliberately looking at the image was I committing a sin, I have previously made a promise to never deliberately search for and watch pornography (after having a previous habit when I wasn’t quite as invested in my faith) but I am, quite certain that I had no sinful intentions but definitely shouldn’t have looked at the image for as long as I had (it seemed like quite a while maybe between 10-30 seconds but I really am not sure)

but I was just trying to work out if I was seeing correctly even though I thought I was, (and to be honest I couldn’t tell you if I did see it correctly or not)

I don’t think it’s a sin. You were essentially doing a double take; kicked in by your OCD, imho.

I agree with Michael, its not a sin. You were doing a double take and to your own admission it wasn’t to gaze lustfully at the image but rather curiosity.

You need three things to qualify your action as a sin. 1) Grave matter; 2)Full knowledge and; 3) Consent.

By the way, good on you for making a positive change to your lifestyle that will ultimately go a long way in strengthening your faith. Keep at it!


I agree with Michael and Tanya, it is not a sin, but if you find yourself feeling guilty about it, or if it’s bugging you, it wouldn’t hurt to bring up during confession. If you find yourself searching for peace of mind.

But like I said, it was not intentional, and your mind was clear, so it is not an actual sin.

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