Is this a sin or Scrupulous?

I am wondering that if you do not look at the threads concerning if something is a sin or not, is it the sin of ignorance or is it just being scrupulous?

As someone who does not suffer from scrupulosity, I generally ignore threads that have “is this a sin”, assuming they are from someone who is scrupulous. It is not a sin to not read such a thread.

Neither…Ignoring a thread for whatever reason is not a sin.

However - -

Your question smacks of scrupulosity.


I used to have horribly scrupulosity, it basically dominated my entire life with worry and stress.

One day, I’d had enough and in tears, I walked right into my Doctors office and told him all of the obsessive and compulsive things I was doing in relation to sin, confession and worry.

Well, it turned out that I wasn’t just scrupulous, I had OCD, an anxiety disorder. Going to my Doctor that day was the first day on my road to recovery.

I am very glad I told a medical professional about my scrupulosity.

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