Is this a sin? Or serious?

Just to let people know I have confessed this,

So I had a bad time during my life and wasn’t thinking exactly but I went researching to see is masturbation okay if not accompanied with either fantasy or explicit images, the sites I saw were said it should be alright so I decided to give it a go since I’m a teenager. I stopped because I didn’t know and was unsure yet for 5 days I still kept trying and stopping yet didnt know how bad it was. I finally found this out and saw that it is a sin and mortal. I didn’t know and that I have went to confession. After about 3 days I remembered about a year ago about my PE Teacher telling me it is a serious sin yet I did not remember until after confession. Should I go again to confession and that I need answers since I’m going to confession after mass since it is the only time I can. Please help.

Sounds like the story of my teenage days, you’ll be fine mate.

I’m from Australia too :smiley:

Thank you for your support ad it’s good to see Aussies on this forum :slight_smile:

God be with you always.

I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. If you haven’t confessed the masturbation yet, you need to do that. If you have, you’re done. There’s no need to go back and clarify specifics.

I understand that unconfessed sins are also forgiven in confession if you do it unintentionally. But I’m with our Aussie fellow above: everything will be fine at some point; anyone can leave that behind with the help of Jesus Christ and the intercession of our Blessed Mother (who I think is a powerful help for this particular sin).

I have already confessed this sin. I’m wondering that is it still serious even though I forgot that my teacher told me or is it already forgiven.

If you confessed it, it’s forgiven.

Yes if one meant to confess all ones mortal sins and was repentant…one just forgot one mortal sin.

But if remembered it still needs to be confessed (mortal sin that is).

It’s all confessed and that but ill just make sure.

Not as a reply to the OP, only in response the “unintentionally unconfessed mortal sin.”

Forgiven, yes. BUT, it is your duty to make mention of it as an unintentionally unconfessed mortal sin during your next confession.

This thread is an excellent reason to make sure you not only have a list for a very thorough examination of conscience, but also one suited for your own intellectual and spiritual maturity and development.

I confessed all of this, none of it left out its just that after confession, I remembered that my PE told my it was a serious sin even though I thought it wasn’t. Should I tell this to a priest or is it already forgiven?

So you are saying you confessed the sin, but may be inadvertently been wrong about the subjective circumstances surrounding the sin, which you mentioned, when you made the confession?

While you should always check with a Confessor or your Pastor in areas where you are seriously concerned, I would say that as long as you intended to confess the sin in all its gravity, insofar as you understood it at the time, then you did what you needed to do. The mention of circumstances surrounding a sin is suppose to help the priest understand how to advise you and give you penance, but as long as you intended to confess the sin as such, you have done the requirement.

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