Is this a sin? (Semi-urgent)

:blush: I am a little embarrassed to post this, but I want to know if this is a sin or not.

I am a female and I was wondering if touching your breasts- like ‘fondling’ (in a way, like rubbing/massaging/ touching them when you sleep (because they are close to my heart and provide warmth)]- is a sin? I mean I touch my breasts, because they give me a sense of comfort; of warmth. It makes me glad to be a woman.

They are not developed 100% yet. When I touch them, I don’t think of anything lustful nor does it make me want to act lustful. It just gives me a sense of security and comfort (if that’s the right word). *

I hope it’s not a sin! I don’t want to be upsetting God in any way, shape or form. :o*

As long as you are not touching them in a sexual way, it is fine.

Uhm, lol. I’m not sure what to say. I don’t think this is anymore sinful than a body builder admiring his/ hers muscles. It is kind of odd though.

You are not fully developed but you can kiss them? Kissing and fondling them is very close to sinful, would stop this before you get too wrapped up in yourself.

You know whether or not you are doing this to arouse yourself. Why are you asking us? We don’t know what’s in your head. Kissing your own body does seem a little weird though.

Sorry, I didn’t mean for it too come off weird. :blush:

Try wearing a crucifix and touching that along with a whispered prayer when you need comforting.

Thank you all for your kind responses! :slight_smile:

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