Is this a Sin? Smoking


Hi Guys, I was wondering, Im 16 and in the UK, I know my mum wouldn’t want me to smoke, But when i’m with friends i like to have a few. Is this dishonoring my mother? In the UK its legal for a 16 year old to smoke with his parents permission. She doesn’t know that I have smoked. And we are talking about tobacco here. Its been playing on my mind recently as I thought within cannon law you can get married at this age ect that having a few cigarettes should not be sinful but i don’t know.


Your mom doesn’t want you to. It’s not even legal in your jurisdiction for your age without parental consent. I think you have your answer.



Hey bro. As an ex smoker lemme tell you girls don’t like smokers. And the ones that do aren’t too great anyway


Hi, Is there an age within cannon law where do gain some some independence on things like this? Like i could move out at 16, but i can have a few cigarettes here and then?


Hey, Im not too worried about that, I will hopefully be joining a seminary :slight_smile:


Canon law has nothing to say about this, except that you should follow the civil law in this case. Stop trying to find a loophole and listen to your parents.


All the more reason not to get yourself hooked on cigarettes so that you’re in better health to serve your people as a priest.


Don’t smoke. It’s gross and very bad for you

My mother is dying of COPD caused by smoking.


Hi, Ill pray for your mum, Im not smoking lots, im not addicted, more social, i just want to know if what im doing is sinful.


It is a sin to disobey your mother. It is a sin to violate the civil law under the circumstances. Do not smoke.

-Father ACEGC


There’s your answer. It may be legal to smoke at 16 with parental permission, but you don’t have that. Stop looking for a loophole.


But if i was in a place where it was legal, would that not be sinful? and why not?


You aren’t in a place where it’s legal. I don’t see why it matters.


That’s how it starts. No one starts out addicted. It creeps up


Why does it matter if its legal or not, some things that are legal sinful like abortion. I want to know if there is a church teaching on this. When can you no obey your mum in matter like smoking? Like in the us the age of drinking is 21, so can you drink if your parents dont want you to until that age?


@edward_george has answered that. There is no specific teaching on smoking, but you have to follow civil law in these circumstances.

The legal age is 18. So when you’re an adult and you no longer require parental consent.


You’ve gotten plenty of good guidance on the subject. It seems that you’re just waiting for some kind of out. Do you want us to say “Yeah, sure, go ahead and smoke!”? Because it’s not likely to happen.


Because the abortion law is immoral but the non smoking one isn’t.


Ok thanks guys, im just trying to understand where the line is, thanks for the answers.


Having a few cigarettes is an extremely bad idea. It is addictive, it is deadly, and it is not something you should be doing at ANY age, let alone 16.

Don’t smoke, and if your friends try to pressure you into it, then they are not true friends. Don’t go along with the crowd. Be smart.

Your mother doesn’t want you to smoke. Respect that. And, be glad you have a smart mother.

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