Is this a sin ( two things )

First off, my friend wanted to come over cause his mother kicked him out, the thing is it was 9:30 Pm at night, already had someone else over, parents said no and he lives 45 minutes to a hour away. This I don’t think is a sin but still.

Second, I was reading the bible, watching a movie whilst talking to my brother, I accidentally cussed without thinking and kind of stopped half way but is this a serious sin or only venial?

Going to confession tomorrow so would like to know.

It is not a sin to listen to your parents.

Curse words are sinful sometimes if they are used to wish evil on something or someone, or if they cause scandal by referring to impure actions. If you use a curse word against an animate or inanimate objects which cause vexation or pain, those against enterprises which fail of success, so, too, the imprecations that spring from impatience, little outbreaks of anger over petty annoyances,(You hit your thumb with a hammer and say “damn it!”) and those spoken lightly, inconsiderately, under sudden impulse or in joke, are, as a rule, only venial sins — the evil being slight and not seriously desired.

Your posts in total continue to exhibit serious levels of scrupulosity. As has been previously stated you cannot come here and ask if every thing you do is a sin. You simply must get counseling from your pastor. Tell him of your scrupulosity struggles, and FOLLOW HIS INSTRUCTIONS.

1ke, scrupulous means “: very careful about doing something correctly
: careful about doing what is honest and morally right.” We are SUPPOSED to be scrupulous. I assume you mean “overly-scrupulous.”

Second, you seem to have a pattern of calling people out on being too scrupulous (you did to me not long ago). OP appears to be a teen looking for direction. Instead of answering the question or simply ignoring the post, you call him out for being scrupulous, which comes a cross as insulting.

For those of us honestly seeking the Truth, I suggest that you respond in kindness, or simply don’t respond at all.

OP, talk to the priest about this in confession. But, in order for a mortal sin to occur, there must be intent. So a swear word slipping out in pain or frustration is not a mortal sin.

I agree.

We must be like Christ and be good representatives of the Catholic faith no matter if we are with people face to face or even in an online form.

You are really holy.

No, that isn’t what scrupulosity is.

I’ve been on this board for over 10 years, and scrupulous behavior has its own pattern that is not at all hard to distinguish from regular posts.

It IS a kindness to direct those who suffer overly from scruples to their pastor for help.

Regina7, scrupulosity is one of those words that the Church uses in a specific sense, and so any dictionary definition is likely to be misleading.
Another such word is ‘Extraordinary’. Look in a dictionary for that and, chances are, you won’t find it how the Church uses it in such phrases as Extraordinary Form and Extraordinary Minister.

We so often see posts on here from people torturing themselves over trivialities, blighting their lives, and I’m sure that 1ke, like others who comment, are moved both by compassion for those who are making themselves needlessly miserable, and also in concern that anyone should have such a picture of God, our Loving Father.

Ok, but can’t this be done in a better way? When I was called scrupulous, I went to the dictionary. Evidently, the Catholic meaning isn’t the same, but I, just like the OP, was told to stop being scrupulous. How is this helpful? It comes off as condescending. We aren’t all in the same place regarding our faith or knowledge (evidenced by my misuse of the term scrupulous).

I appreciate your defining scrupulous to me as I now understand its Catholic meaning. So thank you.

Thank you for pointing out What I was afraid to say, it’s not that I don’t want to beat scrupulously it’s that I don’t know how too. It keeps me away at night trying to stop it and don’t have any way of doing so. I have a counsellor now so I guess that’s one way to resolve the issue.

I also think there’s a fine line between being scrupulous and being too lax. I’ve seen those supporting abortion say “Oh, it’s ok- God is merciful.”

You can’t beat it, not by yourself. That is why you need a priest with experience treating scrupulosity. PLEASE talk to your pastor as soon as possible and get a regular confessor and spiritual director.

You are correct in saying they need a priest to help. But saying you can’t beat it by yourself is wrong.

I agree. When I come to the Moral Theology forums here on CAF I often think they need a full time spiritual director or therapist. So many of the questions show a tendency towards scrupulosity. It must be so painful to live with this constant anxiety. In general this part of the forum attracts that. Perhaps someone should post a permanent link here about scrupulosity and how to identify and deal with it. (I didn’t look maybe that is already here…)

There is a difference between becoming anxious and stressed over every possible sin and someone honestly trying to understand sin. It seems that some here are quick to shout “Scrupulous! Get a spiritual advisor!” If it’s a simple question, like OP, can’t it just be simply answered?

If this forum tends to attract scrupulous questions, and this bothers you, why do you keep coming to this forum… :confused:

And this comment isn’t necessary directed to sailor.

God bless!

Sure they can answer it and say it is not a sin. I don’t think anyone was shouting. (THAT WOULD BE LIKE THIS!!!) But the scruples need help. It must be difficult to have to live with questions like that all the time.

I don’t come to this forum often but I come because I am curious. Overtime I have hoped that it would progress past the types of questions it generates. But it really attracts a lot of scruples.

God bless you too!

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