Is this a sin? your thoughts?


I am not sure if I commited a sin or not. If I did, I am not sure if it is venial or mortal.

My friend gave me a COPY of a computer program (operating system for the Macintosh computer).

I didn’t want to install it. I guess it is illegal to do this. So, I wanted to eventually buy it.

Well, I had a conflict with a new program I bought. It needed this updated operating system.

So, I installed this with the intention of BUYING the program the next day.

I went out and paid my money for the program. So, the company received their money. I own a copy now.

Is this wrong? I think it may be. Because, I installed a copied version.

Any thoughts?



As long as you purchased a copy you have paid your dues. I do not believe that you commited a sin.




It obviously bothers your conscience enough for you to post this question. My suggestion is, next time you go to confession…ask this of your confessor, and how you rectified your actions. He will absolve you, and you have a clear conscience. Isn’t that worth the effort? HappyNew Year !


IF it’s a sin, it would certainly be a venial sin because you intended to buy the software the next day.

In order for it to have been a mortal sin, you would have had to know that it was wrong, and do it anyway.

As stbruno suggests, mention it the next time you receive the Sacrament of Reconcilliation, and put it behind you.


If I did that I would confess it to my priest. It feels sinful to me because I must be willing to put off immediate self gratification. I must be willing to make sacrifices. I believe I heard somewhere that these small matters are what lead us down the wrong path.


This is regarding Paul’s post.

  1. I did know that installing the pirated software was wrong.

  2. However, I intended to buy the software the next day. And I did.

It is something I probably should confess…however, I don’t know if this is a mortal sin due to the gravity.

And I understand what Walter is saying. I shouldn’t have been in a hurry. I could have waited the next day.


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