Is this a sin?

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i’m going to speak to my priest about this tomorrow, but I was just wondering what you think and what the Church teaching is on this.

I applied for a volunteer position (which I need for school applications later on) and I was asked to come this Sunday for my first day (I think usually it would take place on weekdays though). There’s a special event going on that day and they need volunteers to help out.

The problem is that it’s on Sunday and I try not to work on Sundays. I try to spend that day with God, especially cause I’m so busy the rest of the week and don’t have very much time for prayer.

I can still fulfill my Sunday obligation by going to Mass on Saturday or Sunday evening… but I’m worried about working. I think I’d feel guilty if I went to volunteer (unless it’s alright), but this volunteer position is also important and it’s something I have to do eventually.

Do you think that I’d be sinning if I go? again, I’ll speak to my priest, but I’m just wondering what your thoughts are.

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It’s good you are going to your priest.

The nature of your volunteer work might make a difference in how you feel.

Are you helping the poor? Are you helping the homeless? Are you working in the medical field or a citizen protection program that may be related to fire, police or military… These would be good causes to volunteer for and give up your Sunday because you are doing the Lords work.

However, volunteering for some community activities may cause you to feel your guilt. Maybe volunteering to referee a football game is not what the Lord would have you do on a Sunday… Nothing wrong with it, but you may not feel comfortable doing it on a Sunday…

None of these are sinful, but they may be taking away from your time with God and it sounds like you don’t want to do that.

I fully agree with Will B. The commandment states “Keep Holy the Sabbath”. I ask, what is holier that serving another person in need? Prayer does not have to be quiet contemplation or recited words.

i’d say you’re okay so long as you can still go to Mass on Saturday or Sunday. Will B is right in that it also depends on what kind of volunteer work it is; if it is very physically demanding i would say try to avoid it.

Any vice that is overdone by us can become sin since it takes time away from prayer time. Though we are not expected to pray all hours of the day, if you are praying an hour a day, and a new video game comes along which you get addicted to and your praying time is diminished, then that is when you are overindulging. That goes for all days of the week, but i tend to hold Sunday a bit stricter. Definitely not so strict that i am not doing any kind of work, though. If it’s worthy volunteer work, that actually would add to the specialness of the Sunday. Sunday is not only a day of prayer and rest; but of family, which could include the community.

A balance must struck between work and community when it comes to volunteer work on Sunday. i tend to say go for it, unless like i mentioned above, it’s just too physically demanding and doesn’t take so long that you won’t get an opportunity to assist at Mass.

Thank you everyone! :slight_smile: I talked to my priest and he said that volunteering is alright, and so I went… all I did was I played some games with the kids… :slight_smile: it was fun… but I don’t think I’d be going again on Sunday, because I like to keep it a spiritual day and just spend time with God. I’ll just volunteer on another day, like Thursday :slight_smile:

God bless!

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