Is this a sin?


If I make a wish on this site and keep visiting the page for 8 days, is that a sin? I don’t want to do it if it will jeopardize my soul.


I don’t know if it is a sin or not.But if you wished for something good,then I think its okay.But if u wished like ummm for example:I wish this guy was dead.Then,its a sin.

I hope someone more experienced will post on this thread to state whether its a sin or not.


This is superstition and is definitely a sin. You are putting all your faith into a web site that supposedly grants wishes. That’s idolatry. You can learn more about it here


Why not say a Novena prayer instead? Surely God can better grant our wishes and requests more than a website.


Hiyas jongenaro:)

Do you really think it will come true?
What does your heart say?

You must be questioning your mind and heart, 'Cause you asked.


I didn’t realize that it could be classified as Idolatry. Now I really want to stay away from it. Plus, I don’t know if anything negative will be a future outcome after using this website.


Don’t worry so much. Confess it to God and be done with it. He is a God of Mercy, remember that.


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