Is this a sin?


If you commit a mortal sin when your still half asleep is it still considered a mortal sin?


Talk to your confessor about this. Really. It probably would not help your spiritual growth to find a list of sins where this is either on the list or not. You really need a deeper understanding of where this event is in your spiritual life- how much did you give consent in your will to the sinful act? How much was it out of your control? How much did you pre-dispose yourself by other moral decisions? Really, this is a matter for discernment with your confessor. And if you don’t have a good confessor whom you trust to help you grow, begin praying right now to find that person.


RSD gave good answer.

Something that happens when “half asleep” may mitigate the culpability of the sin, it may even remove the “sinful” action altogether.
However the deeper question is why did you have the sinful tendancy in the first place. This speaks to where you are on your journey.
A tendency towards a sinful act when “half asleep” means that the sensual or natural will has not been fully subjegated to God’s Will. The thing to do is to confess the act and circumstances to your confessor, and then to concentrate on your prayer life and your life habits that might contribute to the sinful tendency.
For instance, if the sin is one of impurity, you may be taking an unhealthy interest in how “sexy” people look. You may need to work on changing how you look at people and what you find attractive and why.

Sin is not just a list of don’ts and mitigating circumstances but rather a turning from God, or a loss of focus on God.

Hope some of this helps.



To commit a mortal sin there must be three elements present :

                           (1)  It must be a grevious matter.
                           (2)  You must have perfect knowledge of what you are doing.
                           (3)  It must have the full consent of your will.

                                                                                                  God bless you,
                                                                                                       Tom Kearney.


Probably not a mortal sin, because your will was impaired by being half-asleep … so you couldn’t give full consent. However, probably still a sin, because you are awake enough to remember it and consent to some extent.

Think of it this way. Is it something you would NEVER do while awake? Then probably you’re not very responsible. However, if it’s something you have a tendency to do while awake, or spend a lot of time thinking about while awake, then you’re culpable insofar as you have encouraged those tendencies.

Either way, confess it. But it is probably venial.


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