Is this a sin?

Ever since I was very young I’ve had this “good feeling” when I cross my legs and squeeze, in general when I’m leaning on something such as a counter. I never really thought much about it until recently, but I’ve started to do some research and I think this may be a form of masturbation. I’m only 15. Does anyone else experience this feeling? Is it a sin? Since I have realized what is going on, I’ve still done it twice, and I feel very guilty, but it is hard not to indulge in the good feeling. Any information or help would be great. Thanks and God bless.


Every human male has had this sensation esp when they are younger.I guess its our little secret.I often felt “guilty” when it happened to me.I guess if that’s the case with you avoid
leaning on counters and crossing your legs(I assume you are a male).As far as I am concerned “feelings” from that part of the body are normal and cannot be helped.

If you find yourself getting aroused, trying moving to a seat or sitting against a wall or shifting position.


Masturbation is about purposefully using your gift of sexuality in way other than God intended it. If you are doing this as a habitual thing purely for sexual pleasure then it is not a good thing. However if this is just an occasional thing that provides a brief sort of pleasure that is not accompanied with sexual thoughts then it really may not be any more sinful than cracking your back to relieve tension. If you want to know if something is a sin rather than look for a technical by the book explanation the best place to start is to look at your intentions. Is thing you are doing respectful and loving of God? Of yourself? Of others such as your future spouse? I can assure you that God does not want you to go around worrying about crossing your legs all the time, he would rather have you focus your thoughts on him than the mechanical aspects of how you sit.

Lefty - One word answer - NO! You are a healthy 15 year old!

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