Is this a sin?

I am active at my schools catholic program. On of the activities is that we engage in penpal program with patients with from a drug and alcohol unit. The patient that I was assigned to wrote to me stating that they were willing to kill themselves because he was so depressed and lonely. To help him out with this, he sees a psychiatrist. However, he also stated in the letter that he wanted to see me in person, again. I was thinking that I should get back to him ASAP, as he might be more willing to hurt himself if he thinks I do not care enough to respond to him right away. Howerver, i was reluctant and It would be a week till I got back to him. He is fine, but would this be considered a sin? Please help.

Dear D,

You are not his therapist and are not responsible for his care. There is no sin if you don’t see him when he wants you to.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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