Is this a sin?

Listening to rap songs and playing video games (BF3, CODMW3) that often take the Lord’s name in vain and feature the words Goddmn or Holy Sht?

Even if I dont say it personally?

Is the act of listening to those words enough to classify it as “taking the Lord’s name in vain?” even if the person doesnt personally say it?

Please. i dont want a lecture on what I should do in life. Just a yes or no answer.

As far as I’m concerned: No.

As far as the one hundred posters that will follow me are concerned: Yep, probably.

I would ask my Father Confessor in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

I say from what you’ve written, no it isn’t necessarily a problem. Could become one, but not given the information you wrote.

I have a very different idea of “taking the Lord’s name in vain” than many others seem to. In my model, you are not crying out with vanity or despair. Also, there are millions of people who use this kind of language to convey their points, and sometimes it gets to their intended audience in ways Amy Grant could never have reached people.

Remember the Good Shepherd leaves the flock to look for the lost one? Well by listening to some rap and some other music that kids are listening to, I become more aware and tuned in to what their issues are.

The most holy boss I had never swore or used God’s name in vain or whatever, but he never so much as raised an eyeball or made it feel awkward when somebody else did. The Ten commandments are for us to follow and not until we get our hearts right in Jesus will we have a full appreciation for them. Meanwhile, a word to the wise: consider the Commandments as a challenge to personal growth, not as a yardstick to use in measuring and chastizing failure in other people. Then look at the Beautitudes, and look again, and reread the entire sermon on the mount in Matt 5-6. There is where you will find much of the revelation possible with the Commandments.


On the road to holiness, we are supposed to guard ourselves on what we say, what we look and read, what we hear and listen, what we think and do… Keep in mind: GIGO. Keep away form pollution so our soul may stay clean.

Please forgive me … “GIGO?”

Garbage In, Garbage Out.

Yes, you should more deeply discern your music-listening habits. The Lord is calling.

Is this a sin?

Please. i dont want a lecture on what I should do in life. Just a yes or no answer.


Take a tape player, go around playing these things. You are the initiator, you are the one causing it to be said.

The devil is happy, the sin is repeated, the angels depart.

Take a tape player, record the holy names said devoutly, play it over and over again, the opposite occurs, the devils are dismayed the angels rejoice. Peace enters the house.

Compare: with TV, if you froze frame, and kept a bad shot as a picture to hang on your wall, in the family room. It is the responsibility of parents and to individuals to keep this stuff out, not let it in.

That is why the Christian life is a completely different life than the life of the world, and, a much more beautiful and holy one. Why people give things up, and throw things away, like televisions, entire libraries of worldly cds, dvds, books, etc.

Many people will say one can have both, the life of the world and the Christian life. Many are called, few complete the journey. Many compromise, few give up all for Christ and embrace the wonders of His life.

If you want good food to keep the mind occupied go to the saints and to sacred music. There is also a select portion of, but certainly not all of classical polyphony.

I listen to things that are “crude” at times, and watch movies that are R rated for various issues (although I prefer comedy) and I learn more about the society in which I live that way.

You cannot isolate yourself from language anymore, not in 2012, anyway – maybe in 1950. Kids have language all over the Internet in their face (often from each other) and every attempt to fix that causes other problems and/or damages the chances for legitimate use of Internet by kids.

We can put our heads in the sand and move our world to the “we speak nicely” island, or, since we don’t have such an island at our disposal, we can learn to weather the storms of this earth which cannot touch us. And through the power of Jesus, vulgarity can’t touch us.


Sin? No.

Inappropriate for christians? Yes (its fun, but you’re basically engaging in a virtual murderous rampage)

Why do you even care if it’s a sin? What are going to do, stop?

As a matter of fact. Yes I would. I would make a conscious effort atleast.

Lilsheep88 At the particular or general judgment, all the ones here telling you what is or is not a sin, will they stand with you?

’I have told you already: You will die in your sins.
Yes, if you do not believe that I am He,
you will die in your sins.'

The greatest tragedy that can befall a person.

Jesus Christ established the Sacrament of Reconciliation. This is where we should be going with our sins and doubts to our sins.

That’s how we form our conscience and obtain the grace and strength to fight against those sins and defects we have confessed.

I will stand with anyone who has acted on my advice, and take whatever they end up getting for my “contribution.”




But you also make a good point… thank you.

I guess I will try to stay away from it as much as possible… but as sir Alan was saying, this is the 2012, not 1950. I can assure you that unless you become some type of monk, hermit or live in a remote countryside or something, Its dang near impossible to isolate yourself from (any) sort of foul language (or “evil” for that matter). Its way too prevalent in our society. I guess it all boils down to a matter of personal will power. Of choosing to say or not to say those things.

Foul language (and not just blasphemic language, but foul language in general) is everywhere. Especially if your a city boy like me… From bus stops, the radio, work language, at school, the media. Its like a new form of communicating now. Like the F word is a new way of saying HI and “WTF” is becoming a common expression and I am not going to lie even I say this often…but I dont consider that blaspheming just self expression and lets leave that discussion for another day okay =)

As always, thank you all for your informative and helpful posts.

… Never forget the second line of the Our Father and the Second Commandment.

Every time you say the Our Father, remember.

Of course… always.

God bless you my brother.

And so too, may He bless you, I pray.

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