Is This a sin ?

I am 21 years old and have no bills to pay , However I work when I am scheduled which is not much. However I am committed to being in the Choir for our Saturday Night mass. I was told the only time i could work this week and that would of made me late to the saturday Vigil mass and for the preceding choir practice. so I turned down the hours of work it was only 4 hours. And I will be leaving to go back to college in 2 weeks. Did i commit a sin. I am not being idle with my time off but Am spending it by going to daily mass and Helping get the Religious Education Classes set up for next year.
Thanks and God Bless,

No, Taylor, you didn’t sin.
May God grant you peace…and we are required to have some leisure on the Lord’s day…which begins at the vigil Mass.
In any case, you were putting God and His work first on this occasion

Don’t see how there could be any sin here. It is your time, you can either work or not, it appears up to you. So I don’t see why you are worried about it. Relax.:yup:

I am not sure why you thought it was a sin. There is a number of directions you could go to this. Your commitment to church attendance is wonderful. I am just thinking that if this was the only time you would work, you could have done the hours, gone to a different mass and had to miss choir as a one time thing. Or you could have offered to work but informed them you had to leave early do to other commitments. I think that as you get older and in other jobs, you will find that employers will not be so interested in you if you constantly have to have time off for this or that or can’t work for the same. One thing that is nice about the Catholic church is that there are a lot of different mass times to accomodate different scedules. Being commited to choir is nice but you will learn that employers are not interested in your commitment to choir as to your job and being available and working. I am sure even though you don’t have bills to pay, extra money for college will come in handy. Just look at this a a learning experience and seriously think again if another conflict comes up again. In turning down work, the employer might not choose you again if time is limited and they have others willing to work.

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