Is this a sin??

Hi there, I want your honest judgement here please. I was on a bus today and a woman who was sitting in a seat near me got off the bus. I noticed there was a ticket or card or something on the seat. I was too shy to give it to her. At that moment I though it was her ticket but I later realized what the bus tickets looked like, it must have been some other thing. Did I sin?? Thankyou and God Bless

You were too shy to say something to her? :o

Was anybody else in a position to notice, and would you have had to chase after her or anything like that? :hmmm:

It doesn’t sound like a sin to me. At least if it was there are no negative temporal effects because it turned out to be of no monetary value. And if it makes you think about maybe jumping in quicker to help the next time, then consider this your practice round and slam dunk this baby straight to Romans 8:28. :wink:

I think it’s great to examine the nuances of our behavior like you are. These help us share Christ’s love. :thumbsup:


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