Is this a sin?

Is watching TV, using the internet, or playing video games instead of doing something more important, like doing homework, studying, spending time with family and friends, etc a sin?

What if someone still does those important things in time, but procrastinates by watching TV, using the internet, playing video games, etc?

All the things you’ve listed aren’t intrinsically evil but they can lead you away from more important things. If your duties are seriously suffering then yes, these things can cause you to sin to some degree. To what degree, your priest should be able to help you more.

If the TV and Internet medias your consuming are immodest or harmful to any degree, bring this up to your priest. In the end, your priest will give you the best advice that’s practice for you to obtain. Just remember, everything in moderation, unless its intrinsically evil that is.

If it leads you away from your duties, I would say yes. There isn’t anything wrong with doing any of these activities in and of itself, but you need to be careful to not become overly engrossed in them either. You don’t want it to become essentially a “god” in your life, where that’s all you want to spend time doing while neglecting those who care about you or the responsibilities that you should be doing.

Sure it is sin. Are you doing your other tasks “as unto the Lord” ? So repent and do what you are supposed to do. You already knew
the answer didn’t you?

Choosing a lesser good over a greater is not a sin per se, but an imperfection. (That’s assuming you are fulfilling your duties, do not have idolatrous attachments, etc.) But you want to be careful about forming habits which may lead to problems in the future (e.g. if you always do things your way and put off duties as long as possible, you will find it harder to do more difficult things required of you in the future).

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