Is this a sin?

Ok I am going to church later and I want to know whether I should bring this up in confession later.
Basically i’m 16 and my parents gave me some money for my birthday in which I put onto my steam account.My parents trust me to spend it on what i wanted to on that site, I am a big fan of strategy games and new content got released for it, to make things short the new content was set as a PEGI 18 rating, the regular game is 16 rating.
The only reason it is 18 is because it added some graphical options namely blood into the game, I clicked on it and I entered my birthday as older than 18 in order for me to download it.
My parents are fine with buying things with these ratings, but It got me thinking because I’m not sure whether it counts as deception or not? Because it is a spreadsheet I wasn’t sure if it counted as deception.
See I’m still confused as to what counts as deception in it’s self because just by putting in your date of birth differently you aren’t necessarily going to be hurting anybody.

Just wondering this as it got me thinking.


Michael, You post numerous “is this a sin” posts. You MUST get help from your pastor and stop posting randomly on the internet. You need consistent counseling to help you with scrupulosity and with proper conscience formation.

I am going to talk to him today, I was just asking to see if i should bring it up with my confessor

You need to tell him everything, not filter through this site. Your pastor cannot help you if you do not give him all the information about any compulsive, intrusive, or scrupulous thoughts you have. He needs to know how many times a day you think you are sinning- or second guessing whether or not something is a sin- and what triggers those thoughts.

1ke is right, Michael. I don’t usually post on your threads, but I do see a LOT of them (at least one every two days) and you really need to get real-life help, and not first seek the counsel of random people on the internet.

Yes, it is easier to ask these questions on CAF than in real life, and yes, many posters here are well-meaning, but it is not a permanent solution. There are differing opinions (including wrong opinions) and you never know if the answer you are getting is right, and FURTHERMORE it is not helping you at all to quell this scrupulosity.

Please go talk to your priest and arrange for a spiritual director (if you have not already) and have regular sessions with him.

Not a mortal sin…

I have talked to my priest today and told him about my scrupulosity and he has put my mind at ease.
It’s not just faith I stress over but I worry about most things health,social, life in general.
I’d like to thank you guys for your comments and your support.
A problem with me though is I don’t want to waste peoples time if it is a minor matter or things it’s my personality but now my mind is at rest and I am going to relax, focus on my upcoming exams and enjoy life in the way God intended. I’d like to thank both you and 1ke and everyone who has gave me support.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart and I wish you all the best in the future.

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