Is this a sin?

Is it a sin to have lustful feelings towards women (not masturbation). It makes my mind feel dirty even when I pray I just can’t help but look at certian women with a feeling of lust. Is this a sin?

it is lust when you entertain the thought, hesitate on it, think about it, or even meditate on the thought.

An impure thought that you dismiss right away is not a sin but the aforementioned is a serious one.

As in when I see certian women I THINK of doing things to them but i’ve never actually thought about it for a long period of time. I usually forget about it almost instantly

That sounds like just temptation to me, if you let go of the thought.

God grant you Peace+

Yeah I guess you’re right.

According to İslamic scholars that is not a sin because someone can not control and stop such mixed condition feellings. But with insistence go on this act by desire is not true and is harmful. So you must spent your energy in different ways( if you are not married) such like sport, music.

Im not Muslim

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