Is this a sin?

Hello, I am wondering if this is a sin: so I’m a teenager and experiencing things with my body and I had a wet dream. I did not mean to do this and it didn’t have my full consent, will (didnt want to do it) and neither did I have full knowledge that I was going to fantasise or even do it. I think it’s natural in life but I just want to double check.


It is not a sin. We cannot control our dreams. And, if you have to ask if something is a sin, you have just failed one of the requirements for mortal sin anyway.

I am sure we all experienced this (excluding the women of course). From what I remember, there are three requirements for an action to be considered a sin:

  1. Willingness: The person must have granted full consent to the action committed.

  2. Knowledge: The person must have known what he or she is doing and that the action committed is a sin.

  3. Intrinsic Sin: The action committed must actually be intrinsically sinful.

In your situation, you are, without a doubt, guilty of the Intrinsic Sin of “emitting your seed in vain.” Whether you were knowing or willing of this or not would depend on whether your dream was lucid or not lucid. Either way, I would recommend seeing your priest for the sacrament of Reconciliation. It is better to be safe than to be sorry (but then you have to confess your sins to the Priest which is essentially saying you are sorry to Lord Jesus, so I should say “It is better to be sorry than to be sorry”).

Good point :shrug: We don’t just confess mortal sins…confession is a most wondrous Sacrament to which we can go even if we are only conscious of venial sins or imperfections. It is an encounter with our best friend, Jesus Christ. This is indeed quite natural, but if we are interested in truly keeping our soul pure and unsullied, Christ will certainly give us greater grace - if we ask.

Sin should not be a burden for us, nor Confession a duty :slight_smile:

There was no sin committed. Part of growing up, boys deal with that aspect in their life. It isn’t asked for and not wanted. It is embarrassing to them. They don’t understand what is happening.

As for ScrupulousMonk to say that it is a intrinsic sin is not correct from what I know.:confused: You don’t control what you dream nor what happens in your dream. Personally I think that for some reason ScrupulousMonk thinks you had this dream he is saying that you somehow sinned. I would look more into to that.

I’m not sure what classica87 means by asking if it was a sin, you have just failed one of the requirements of a mortal sin. What does it mean by asking if something is a sin that one has just failed the requirements of a mortal sin? Does it mean that it isn’t a mortal sin or because asking about it becomes a mortal sin?

I was in an RCIA class and a gentlemen ask the priest about if it was a sin when sudden unwanted thoughts came into him mind. The priest told him that we can’t control all the thoughts that come to our minds especially the unwanted thoughts. We can try. Which I find helpful because of the fact I deal with mental illness and have thoughts that as hard as try won’t leave me alone. I do spend time talking with my priest about this and it helps to have a good priest to talk when you are not sure about things.

My suggestion to you TheHolyTrinity9 is to talk to your priest about this instead on topics like this because he will knows you and will how to deal with how you are feeling. :thumbsup:



Thanks for the information, for what I have seen and heard it is something uncontrollable and is a part of growing up :slight_smile:

So I can take communion Tommorrow or not?

As far as I know, you must have had confession since your last mortal sin to receive communion.

I would not class this as a mortal sin, so I personally would go ahead.
Since it is not deliberate and you did not have full knowledge that you were doing so I would say that you should go ahead tomorrow :slight_smile:

Thank you for your information :slight_smile: happy that I can take communion now!

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